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Learn the basics of mining asteroids in Drovoid, and see how to design a simple, yet effective mining ship.

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The main ressource of Drovoid is called 'Mass Units' (MU). You gain MU mainly in two ways: by mining asteroids, and by fighting enemy ships. This news focuses on mining.

To create a mining ship in Drovoid, you need the following modules:
- power cells,
- thrusters to move around,
- mining lasers to extract ore from the asteroids,
- containers to store the ore,
- refineries to transform ore into MU.

Right now there is a single type of ore in Drovoid, but some asteroids are both denser and bigger than others. Of course, these tend to be much more heavily guarded.

The video below shows the basics of mining, at the beginning of the game. Mining is a great way to learn how to design ships efficiently, and is therefore important to master early in the game. However, as you progress through levels, mining can be automated. A first level of automation is to set a target for the mining ships, and they will automatically reach it and start mining. A second level is to equip the ships with auto-targeting systems so that they select asteroids, mine them and start refining immediately. A third, most advanced level of mining is to setup large refineries (those are too massive to be moved) and to design mining ships that go fetch ore and bring it back to the main refineries.

All these mechanisms are already implemented in Drovoid, and the upcoming tutorials will show how to achieve such advanced automation. But first things first, here is the introductory mining tutorial!

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