After a bit of trial and error, the game is back to its previous state. Playable.

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So after some playing around a bit, i now realize that correct burst fire may be either:
A. impossible
B. a little more complicated than i had previously thought.

After breaking the game a few times, it now stands in the same state from the last mini news update.

Its OK though, cause i have some models that are almost ready to be compiled and placed in-game!

From here on out, i'm going to work on some of the more key gameplay functionality and create the Class creation windows, and take a peek at creating the more complex gamerules.

I've also been pondering just how exactly this game is going to be glued together.

What my goals were, what they are now.

Originally i was shooting for a super mash up between some of the big FPS games out there. The problem lies with the question, "Which ones?"

I've had various ideas about how to handle Class setups, for example, possibly making it more Rainbow Six-like, where you simply choose your weapons at the start of each game, with the ability to change it mid-game.

Or i could try to go with the 5 class slot setup of COD, but that requires the ability to save the information held for each class, and I don't have much of an idea where to start with that.

What would you prefer?

Question of the Day: What system would you prefer for customized gear? COD's, R6's, BF2's?

Leave a comment, i'll look into it.

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idk wat to put

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rv_icebreaker Author
rv_icebreaker - - 8 comments

Basically the QOTD is "What method of class presentation do you enjoy the most. For example, did you like the way Battlefield 2 gave class choices, or did you like Call of Duty's class customization best?"

I'm at a conflict with myself on which one to choose, so i figure i would ask the community.

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