'Cause I haven't posted some news in a while, I'm posting some of my recent progress with Armory.

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Sorry for the big silence, i've been caught up in a lot of things, as well as run into a few brick walls with Armory.

So since the last update i've figured out my skins and such, the weapons models have some nice rainbow textures in-game. Going throw together some textures after i finish up the last two models.

The M16 has some burst fire action going on, but its a little funky at the moment. Gotta play with it some more.

I've been bouncing some character ideas around in my head, which i would have started working on (in some fashion), but my copy of 3ds Max is being a pain. Also, i might possibly start playing with some new features, some of those being:

  • Customizable gear (for example, vests or like-items that will change the character appearance when chosen)
  • Revive system of some sort (always fun to have in a game, but i HATED BF2's 20 second wait time)
  • Possibly a button-based grenade system (even though i have no complaints with switching and throwing, i feel a bit like i should modernize a bit in that area)

But i'm not going to get ahead of myself. Theres still a lot of Armory that needs to be made up, just gotta do what i can do.

Keep an eye out, i'll be throwing some new stuff out there soon.


Sounds great ;)

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