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Another Mini Update on the progress of varion. This week we talk about the latest fixes and some nice news from the mod.

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Mini Update: 4th May 2009

We recently announced the release of "Varion" as we thought we could hit the date. We found out that it wasn't possible at all it was 2 weeks ago. We have been polishing all the final features off on "Varion 1.0" we have fixed all major bugs now on the mod so the mod is bug free for release instead of what we thought maybe another buggy release.

This week we have done:
- [Added] Delete of ragdolls so we can add gibs

- [Fixed] Health Regeneration
- [Fixed] World Model Bones
- [Fixed] Spam Console Bug
- [Fixed] All Weapon Muzzle Flashs

- [Improved] Map Lightmaps

We have done other smaller fixes in maps. This week we will be polishing more of the content and adding our new weapon "taxo". Check out the new image of the taxo in images.

We have two characters in the release of "Varion 1.0" both are now totally finished with specular and bump maps. These are all working now with animations. We have only one bug which is sprint anim is not working but we will make a custom anim for it later.

We hope to be releasing sometime in next 3 weeks depends how everything is going.

Anyway thanks for reading more news on release later.

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