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Another Mini Update on how the team is doing. This week we cover our new track, new map, new gametype improvment and finally latest fixes.

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This week we got new site currently being devoloped We got our brand new prop "Lift". New map "Temple" a big open enviroment. And some other exciting things done.

We had 3 maps which are all final which we thought was going to be it for release but due to me not having a great deal of work to do i decided to do another map. We now have 4 maps this new map is called temple it's very different from other maps as it's all outdoor and has some really exciting visual features such as planets in the sky which move around the map to give a feeling of out of this world. This is now final and finished. We will be getting a new video uploaded in next few weeks hopefully (Better then last rubbish one) with all maps.


We are working on a new rpg model and also a new character. The rpg is almost finished first stages of modelling looks quite good... It looks quite good but it's modelled by me :P (Kamikazi Uk) so it's not as detailed as other models but looks good. The new character is a robot based character very detailed and exciting to look at. We will be uploading images of it later (probley a few weeks).

You may have seen our new prop. The lift this prop has animations so we can easily make it go up and down in a level activated by a trigger. Had a lot of great comments about this thanks for all them.

Our new gametype system which works as it checks for a gametype by console commands. This way is more optimized then having loads of differnet commands and is really awesome for making new gametypes. We currently have tdm, dm and bounty. These can now be selected from a list in server options. We have been working almost all week on trying to fix animations for characters but we can't seem to get it to work. Hopefully we cna work on some other new features soon.

We currently have a few custom sounds in the mod. We got custom sound for pulse rifle. Soon will be more custom weapon sounds. We have our brand new song just uploaded called "Stardust". This song is a nice twist to the mod instead of the useal big orchestras. This song is my first song i made for a game/mod i think it's really good. Please comment on that video and others.

We hope to get the mod released in 4 weeks but with many problems occuring like animations for characters we may not be able to deliver the mod soon. We hope to get it realisticly in about 2 months but we will see how everything goes these next few weeks.

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Thanks for reading, Team Race-Away.


Nice update guys! Can't wait to play this mod :)

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