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So it's that time of year again! The Indie Of The Year Awards and this very special two part mini-update is here to try and gather as many votes as possible in hopes that we'll be nominated, Have a gander at the contents of this article and judge for yourself if we deserve thy most sacred vote!

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Visually Stimulating!

Before I slam a loving wall of text into your faces I thought I'd allow you to feast upon some lovely new renders which highlight some of the more recent work Brandon, Joost and Myself have been working on which comprises of a woodcutters axe, a common short-sword, a weapon rack and a couple of tree stumps.

Renders/Screenshots - Common Sword

Renders/Screenshots - Axe

Renders/Screenshots - Weapon Rack

Mentally Stimulating!

Wow, it's hard to believe that an entire year has passed and that the IOTY Awards are upon us once again, Siege of Inaolia has come a long way since then and so has the team and we've grown as a whole and to give you guys an idea of exactly how much has changed I've created a little bullet list segment below:

December 2011 - Past

  • No Character Modeler On Board.
  • No Programmer On Board.
  • Lava Arena Prototype Comprised Of UDK Defaults.
  • Lack Of Communication And Management.

December 2012 - Present

  • Leads Appointed To Level Design, Code And Character Work.
  • One Main Player Character, Two Enemy Characters Completed And Animated With A Mini-boss In The Works.
  • Team Meetings Considered To Be The Best In The World(Might be just my opinion).
  • Inferno A.K.A. Lava Arena Completed With Custom Content.
  • Solid Team Filled With Individuals Willing To Buckle In For The Long Haul.
  • New Release Of Alpha 1 Worlds Better Than Previous Versions.
  • Currently Working On Alpha 2.

As Project Lead I'm immensely proud of where the game is at and confident that in the not so distant future Siege of Inaolia will become a reality however without all our fans constant support we wouldn't be at this stage now would we? So a big thank you from all of us!

We'd consider it a great honor to be even nominated for IOTY so please hit the vote button and help us rise to the top!

Want More?

Do Track us on IndieDB for the latest updates, you can also Subscribe to us on YouTube, Like us on Facebook, be sure to check out our Official Website and Follow us on Twitter.Also I wanted to mention that if anyone had any questions regarding Siege of Inaolia feel free to ask us on our various social profiles and we'll be sure to reply as soon as possible!

It makes a huge difference to us knowing that we've got fans out there rooting for us so be sure to tell your friends about us, don't be afraid to leave a comment below just for the heck of it and thanks for your time!

Indie of the Year Awards

To Be Continued...

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