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this is our first mini newspost with enough to please the common people

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here is our first mini newspost:
first off i would like all you to welcome [R3v0]obliterator789‏ and Peace_Monger to the mod team.
lastly revan898 has been busy lately makeing maps in the picture you see above this newspost, they are kuat and mon calamari
our mod team in joining order:
ssdcommander(main xml scripter)
Thebluerabbit(xml editor, soundtrack maker)
Flamingdirk(main voice)
237_SC_COM_bly(mapper, doesnt want to be considerd
part of the team)
Peace_Monger(newsletter sender, might be voice)
and we still need:
xml scriptors(most important!):3
xml editors: 1
all i can think of at the moment
you can join the mod team at:
or sign up for newsletter at:

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