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Mini Assassins is now available for iOS. Download it now!

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Title Screen

I'm proud to announce that Mini Assassins is now available on the App Store [FREE]. The 8-bit style is heavily inspired by games from the NES and SNES era. It’s an arcade game with intuitive 1-finger-controls that are optimized for the touchscreen. An army of cursed samurai and ninjas will attack you with shuriken, arrows, and much more. You can tap anywhere on the screen to dodge them, or if you are feeling risky, slash the incoming projectiles in half.

Ninja Attack Anims

Aiming your ninja stars is not as easy as in a twin-stick-shooter because you have to swipe in the direction that you want to throw your ninja star. Additionally, each of the 3 heroes has a skill tree from which you can have 3 skills active at the same time. Use them by dragging and dropping them on the battlefield. Skills include caltrops, grappling hook, slow-motion, meteor, trip bomb and more...

KnightEnemy Ninja

Some enemies block your shuriken with a shield or heal each other, so adjust your tactic accordingly.


White Cat

The pets will help you collect coins and attack enemies once they reach a certain level. Overall there are 9 different pets for you to unlock. This is where IAP comes in handy, but you can also get enough jewels by playing the game.

All of the 3 heroes are playable from the beginning and feature a unique Skilltree. Akio the Ninja, Nori the Samurai, and Buchuu the Vagabond. To find out more about the game, click here or download the game on your iPhone/iPad.

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