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In this news I will show You new, multi-phase boss fight - Minecrawler Queen. Some other new stuff shown too...

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So, what's new?

- Minecrawler Queen Boss - 3 phased boss fight:

*1st phase - slug-like Minecrawler variation. It have completely disabled stunlock aka hyper poise - our hits don't stun him, we need different tactic and a lot of reflexes to beat him - dodging his first combo hit, attack and quick diagonal roll just after performed hit is a key.

*2nd phase - flying Minecrawler. Easy phase, nothing special, just giant flying insect,

*3rd phase - Minecrawler torso. Minecrawler standard combat style, without dodging his attack with correct timing we can be easily punished, need to be carefull

- URIZIEL - G1 sword with unique shade color, it have effect of both vanilla ice and flame swords,

- More blood - more brutal combat, fountains of blood,


Looks quite good, though maybe make the first phase move much more slower, since she's slug-like. And is it possible to make a new animation for 2H swords? So they are held by the grip instead of the blade.

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Squerol Author


About speed anything could change until release :)
But If I think about it too, maybe it will be slowed down...

About 2h - maybe You know, adding or editing animations in G3 is impossible so far. Tried to find existing in game animation which would fit but no success (broom and fist blocking animations were close to be fitting but they don't :( ). I'm annoyed with it too but It looks like it will be left unchanged, sorry...

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