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DNA System, Transforming and Potential Values Changing Machine, Game Area, Consecutive Reward, 50/50 [NPC] - READY!

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Hello Indie Gamers/Devolopers!

Milkacrea V2.0 Core features is ready! Now, you can obtain DNA from the wild. Using DNA, you can transform yourself into another Milkacrea in the laboratory using Dr. Frank new invention, Transforming Machine. Dr. Frank not only invented the Transforming Machine, he also invented the Potential Values Changing Machine. As the name suggest, now you can change your Potential Values. It's still in Beta, so Dr. Frank will allow you to use it for free. It may cost around $1000 next time, so.. act quick! Change your potential values today!

Also, there is a new place call 'Game Area'. You will be able to play various games to earn some coins or cash. Currently, game area offer two mini-games. Which is, Daily Reward and 50/50 [NPC].

Daily Reward
Daily Reward will reward you with coins everyday.
First day → 5 Coins
Second day → 10 Coins
Third day → 15 coins
Fourth day → 20 coins
Fifth day + → 25 coins

It is a consecutive daily reward system. Which mean, if you miss one day, you will need to restart again. So, be sure to log-in everyday!

50/50 [NPC]

Not enough coins (or cash)? Why not place some bets with the NPC? There's 50% chance which you will double your coins or cash. There's also 50% chance which you can lost your coins or cash. That's why it is called the '50/50' game.

Sound great? Well, not really. You are only able to make five bets per day. Once reached five bets, you will have to wait for the next day to place your bets again.

More mini-games shall be added. The next patch would contain some bugs and grammars fix.

Happy (indieing) gaming!

- inTech, owner of Milkacrea.

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