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AgentAAA continues to write short entries about all of the units introduced in the mod, today there's the lore on the basic infantry of The Forgotten

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The Forgotten, unlike the GDI, do not have access to current firearms technology in high numbers, as they lack the capability to manufacture sensitive arms like the current M-16 rifle.
The access to Soviet construction yards the Forgotten had managed to obtain had allowed them to gain access to the old production centers for AK-47 technology, but complaints of poor accuracy amongst some of the Forgotten divisions - The Sicarii and Forest Brothers divisions amongst them - led to them being an unpopular choice. Within the Soviet’s databanks, though, plans for an older semi-automatic rifle - a modified SKS design utilizing stamped sheet metal receivers - was recovered. This design was apparently scrapped in favor of the AK-47’s reliability and automatic fire.
The SKS, fitting for the Forgotten’s more precision-based military doctrine, was quickly brought into service and is a popular weapon for the Forgotten soldiers. The low cost of the weapon allowed for cheap and massed deployment of Forgotten militia into any field operation.
Combined with the Tiberium immunity and speed of the Forgotten soldiers, the militia are a fearsome sight to any enemy infantry division. However, the militia’s main issues lie in the inherently low power of the SKS weapon system. Compared even to the AR-70 Raptor used by the GDI and Nod rifle divisions, the SKS can do nothing to tank armor and hardly affects light vehicles.

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