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Infantry and Cavalry Civ, Unique units dependant, gold intensive units.

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This is the reason why i hesitate calling this mod "rise of the republics" since milan was not a republic. It was part of the holy roman empire, which i think deserves its presence in aoe2 as well as these italian civs.

Expected playstyle:

-good gold intensive cavalry (relying on its unique unit rather than the knight line)

-standard infantry with bonuses for condottiero, making it more viable than militia line (maybe not against spearmen or eagle warriors)

- standard economy (all economic techs without particular bonus)

- good defenses (lacking blacksmith arrow techs. bonuses compensate that)

- both techs benefiting unique units

- poor water development (no access to water)

overall, a good military civ, gold and unique units dependant. still they will have a counter for whatever choses its oponent to produce

milan coat dipicting the biscione

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