Post news RSS migration => source engine to cry engine 2 (maybe)

(clik to the news for more details...) the gamemod will migrate to the CryENGINE2 because graphics is ...

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the gamemod will migrate to
the CryENGINE2
because graphics is more better than source engine
and is more easier than source engine for import models in the gamemod

and the name of mod will changing

this decision is not decided

but i think it 's better for the quality and the réalistic of the mod
thank you for your understanding




Source is more than capable to create realistic things, look at Dear escher, Raindrop and so on, all on source, all better than most "next gen" engines. Don't ruin this mod for Source players by sticking it on a pretty, but ultimatly crap-for-gameplay engine.

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I am a fan of both, but I think that this mod should use the Orange Box Source. If it were on CryEngine only the people with newer hardware would be able to play this, whereas Source is compatible to both higher and lower performing rigs. In the end you would have a lot more people populating this mod

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peper29 Author

ok! source engine is good for little pc
but source engine is limited
the phisic of source is bad
and the graphics is limited
and it's to difficult to insert models into the source engine
and the possibility of maping is not enough for the mod

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The Level Desiging in source is WAAY Better then CryEngine2
Source is codewise pretty limited.

but for this project Source OB is the smartest choice, a experience mapper with experience in optimization and graphics can make a VERY good looking Source map. its not that hard really.

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