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Here's some information and a small networked test from Mighty Gladius.

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At the moment this site provides very little info on the game so i thought i would share some information with you.

you fight as a Gladiator you will have various kinds of attacks and defence one thing we are looking forward to implement is analog controls which will enable you to aim you slices slashes and stabs with deadly accuracy, it will also enable you of controlling your shield yourself and thereby deflecting incoming attacks. another feature is your limbs can get cut of and EVERY part of your body can take individual dammage so there will be no stupid health bar instead your body parts will be dammaged and you will die based on blood loss or dammage to vital organs e.t.c.

The game will be both multiplayer and single player, as for the singleplayer we are planning on a storyline you have to go through with varius fights and some cutscenes. For the multiplayer we plan on making a 1 VS 1 match system apart from that we havent planned on any playmodes, but there's plenty of possibilities it will be possible to customize your character and he's equipment before a match..

That was some info about the game.

Here is a small video of some network testing the remote player cuts the hand of the local player. the remote player will appear kinda laggy that's because we haven't added any smooth interpolations yet.
note that this is very early stage and models and textures aren't final iterations and the programming is also far from done. we just wanted to show you some content instead of only text :).

That's about it for now. Stay tuned for updates!

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