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The second devlog for upcoming roguelite horde survivor, Midnight at the Disco.

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Midnight at the Disco

Devlog #1

Despite the holidays I’ve had a pretty productive 5 weeks since the last devlog. Since then I have:


  • a new weapon (sniper)
  • lootable chests
  • some placeholder icons for items and weapons
  • weapon knockback/feedback
  • two new enemies, including the first boss
  • New items


  • enemy knockback
  • the level up skill system
  • Player hit effects/juice
  • various other enemy tweaks


  • Took the first steps to get the steam page up

This devlog will focus on the 4 weapons implemented so far and the lootable chests.


Damage: ***
Fire rate: ***
Range: ***
knockback: ***

Choosing the fire mode which shoots one eye at a time means a faster fire rate

The most versatile and beginner friendly weapon in the game.
Has 2 fire modes which can be switched using the weapon modifier button (q or e by default):

  • Shoot all eyes at once for more damage
  • Shoot eyes one at a time for higher rate of fire

Damage: ****
Fire rate: **
Range: *
knockback: ****

The shotgun can damage many enemies at once

Each eye breaks up into smaller pieces to deal high damage in a small area. Great for when you are surrounded by many enemies that are close to you. The camera zooms in a little bit when fired for effect.

Damage: *****
Fire rate: N/A
Range: N/A
knockback: N/A

Eye bombs placed one the ground can still be fired using your other weapon. They eyes regrow back on the player after exploding

Lay an eyeball on the ground which explodes after 3 seconds. Other weapon can still be fired from the eyeball while it is on the ground. One of the harder weapons to master, but can be very deadly for a skilled player. Choosing explosion upgrades can make it even more powerful.

Damage: *****
Fire rate: *
Range: *****
knockback: ****

A well aimed sniper shot can kill multiple enemies at once

Extremely accurate, long range and deadly. Starts with +1 bullet piercing (bullet will travel through first enemy rather than being destroyed). Must be reloaded manually using the weapon modifier buttons (q or e by default). Reload can be timed to reload faster. Perfect reload has additional perks if upgraded.


Chests appear randomly throughout the disco and are dropped by certain enemies when killed.


When the player walks over the chest they are presented with a screen where they must furiously bash the chest until it explodes open. From there, the player is presented with 3 random items of which they can only choose 1.

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