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Middle-earth Extended Edition returns with an update focusing on balance changes, bug fixes and also brings GameRanger support.

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This version of the mod brings you a vast number of balance changes and bug fixes, as well as GameRanger support. It will be released on 14th of May 2020. at 15:00 UTC+1.

General Changes

  • All new factions now have starting units, just like vanilla factions do.
  • Combo hordes have been disabled, due to hardcoded bugs in the game's code.
  • All heroes' revive cost at rank 1 is now 50% of their recruitment cost and increases by 100 for every rank above rank 1. Sauron is the only exception to this rule and his revive cost is the same as his recruitment cost (5000).
  • All heroes' revive time at rank 1 is now the same as their recruitment time, and increases by 10 seconds for every rank above rank 1.
  • Leaderships of all heroes except Aragorn, Theoden, Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel, Saruman, Witchking, Sauron and Khamul no longer affect units of other factions.
  • AOE buff hero spells no longer affect allies.
  • All non-hero units max level reduced to 5.
  • Experience requirements for levels 2,3,4 and 5 increased by ~40% for all non-hero units.
  • All sentry towers' cost increased from 150 to 250 resources.
  • Resource production buildings armor decreased:
    • 100% damage from cavalry, up from 75%.
    • 75% damage from melee infantry, up from 50%.
  • All hero statues now give +50% experience, down from +100%.
  • Rohan, Gondor and Isengard Keeps can level up now.


  • Ride Light and Swift trample deceleration increased from -15% to -25%.
  • All upgrades moved to Rohan Armory:
    • Rank 1: Banner Carriers
    • Rank 2: Fire Arrows, Horse Shields
    • Rank 3: Heavy Armor, Horsemen Longbows
  • Rohan Armory now produces resources.
  • Theoden's recruitment cost increased from 2000 to 3500. Starting health increased from 1300 to 1500.
  • Hama's recruitment cost increased from 900 to 1200.
  • Elfhem's Outrider ability now also reduces trample deceleration by 25%. Duration increased from 20 to 25 seconds.
  • Erkenbrand's Wise Precautions ability no longer increases resource production of Farms.
  • Royal Guards' health reduced from 400 to 375.
  • Door Wardens' Defenders of Wold ability is now gained at rank 2.


  • All upgrades moved to Blacksmith:
    • Rank 2: Banner Carriers, Fire Arrows, Horse Shields
    • Rank 3: Heavy Armor, Fire Stones
  • Gondor Beacons can now properly be attacked by melee units.
  • Faramir's Desperate Charge ability now gives +35% attack, +15% speed and -25% trample deceleration, instead of +50% attack, +10% speed and -15% trample deceleration.
  • Gondor Rangers' ranged attack fixed.
  • Fountain Guards' attack damage reduced from 70 to 50. Recruitment cost increased from 800 to 1000.


  • Oromes Blessing trample deceleration increased from -15% to -25%.
  • Upgrades in Elven Armory had their level requirements changed:
    • Rank 1: Banner Carriers
    • Rank 2: Fire Arrows
    • Rank 3: Heavy Armor
  • Elven Armory now produces resources. It is not affected by the Vinemaking upgrade.
  • Rivendell Stables now has a proper build-up animation, as well as proper damaged and really damaged models.
  • Rivendell Lancers' cost reduced from 800 to 700. Command point cost reduced from 20 to 15.
  • Riders of Buckland health increased from 150 to 200. They now have a 15% chance to evade arrows (smaller size than normal cavalry).
  • Elrond's leadership now gives +25% attack, down from +35%. It now properly gives fear resistance to nearby friendly units.
  • Elrond's recruitment cost increased from 3000 to 3500. Recruitment time increased from 30 to 45 seconds.
  • Glorfindel now gains the Wind Rider ability at rank 5, down from rank 6. It now also reduces his trample deceleration by 25%. Duration increased from 25 to 30 seconds.
  • Glorfindel's abilities have had their level requirements and effects changed:
    • Captain of Rivendell leadership ability now gives +50% experience, instead of +100% experience.
    • Wind Rider is now gained at rank 5, down from rank 6. It now also reduces trample deceleration by 25%. Duration increased from 25 to 30 seconds.
    • Starlight is now gained at rank 7, down from rank 8.
  • Haldir's starting melee damage increased from 40 to 50, ranged damage reduced from 60 to 40. Starting health increased from 800 to 1000.


  • Upgrades in Isengard Armory had their level requirements changed:
    • Rank 1: Banner Carriers
    • Rank 2: Fire Arrows
    • Rank 3: Heavy Armor
  • Isengard Armory now produces resources (can be affected by Industry). Build cost increased from 1200 to 1350. Build time increased from 30 to 45 seconds.
  • Saruman's leadership now also gives fear resistance.


  • Sauron's attack now only affects units in a 110 degrees cone in front of him.
  • Sauron's Power of the One Ring ability cooldown reduced from 360 to 240 seconds.
  • Nazgul now cost 5 command points.
  • Mouth of Sauron's attack reduced from 60 to 50.
  • Trolls now start at rank 2 when trained from a rank 3 Troll Cage.
  • Orc Pikemen health increased from 40 to 50.
  • Morgul Orcs can now get the Piercing Blades ability at rank 2, which allows them to reduce enemy armor by 35% for 10 seconds on each attack (effect does not stack).
  • Black Uruks' train limit reduced from 5 to 3 hordes at a time.
  • Grond's Dark Cloud ability removed.


  • Warg Den cost reduced from 700 to 500.
  • Troll Cave cost reduced from 1200 to 600. Build time reduced from 50 to 35 seconds.
  • Tunnels can now properly be attacked by melee units.
  • Barrow Wights' Haunt Minds ability is now unlocked at rank 4, instead of at rank 3.
  • Giant Spiders of Mirkwood Burrow ability cooldown reduced from 20 to 15 seconds. The ability is no longer obstructed by buildings.
  • Great Goblin's cost reduced from 1750 to 1500.
  • Dol-Guldur Orcs' recruitment cost increased from 750 to 800.

Evil Men

  • Rain of Fire replaced with Beastmasters of Far Harad:
    • Mumakil gain +25% attack and +1000 health
    • Mumakil Pens work 33% faster
    • Effects are permanent
  • Barbed Arrows' armor reduction increased from -25% to -35%.
  • Khamul's leadership now also gives +25% attack and +25% armor.
  • Wyrm no longer automaticaly switches attack targets. Armor changed as follows:
    • Damage from cavalry, melee infantry and arrows reduced from 10% to 5%
    • Damage from spearmen/pikemen reduced from 25% to 15%
    • Damage from melee heroes reduced from 50% to 25%
    • Damage from ranged heroes reduced from 50% to 10%


  • To play this mod using GameRanger follow these steps:
    • Create a folder named MEE GameRanger inside your BFME 1 installation directory
    • Download Age of the Ring GameRanger patch
    • Place the lotrbfme2ep1.exe file into MEE GameRanger folder and set it to always run as administrator and run it.
    • Click the Select button to the right of the Game Executable field
    • Find and select lotrbfme.exe file in your BFME 1 installation directory
    • Enter -mod ExtendedEdition0.98.big in the Extra Flags field.
    • Click Start Game to see if everything works correctly.
    • If it does, exit the launcher, rename lotrbfme2ep1 to lotrbfme and open GameRanger.
    • Go to Edit > Options
    • Find and select BFME 1
    • Under Location, select Browse
    • Browse to the MEE GameRanger folder and select lotrbfme.exe in it, then click Open.
    • Host/join a lobby and enjoy!
  • If you wish to play vanilla BFME 1 on GameRanger, simply go to Edit > Options, find BFME 1, browse to BFME 1's installation directory, select the vanilla lotrbfme.exe and click Open.

Important notes

Campaigns are not working.

New factions do not have AIs.

Existing factions' AIs have not been updated.

Linux Users:

If you are using a Linux-type Operating system,

do the following to launch the mod:

Open Bash

Type "wine lotrbfme.exe -mod ExtendedEdition0.98.big"

Press Enter









Turin Turumbar.






BFME+ mod team.

LGDA5 mod team.

QFME mod team.

WKK3 mod team.

MathijsRevora and the former Shadow and Flame mod team.

The Third Age Net (and all the authors of the models and textures used in this mod).


And others whose names I may have forgotten...

Names are listed in no particular order.

Support me on Patreon:

Feel free to post your suggestions and report any bugs you encounter via comments or private messages on this site.




will you ever consider to make the factions elves into two separate faction? imladris and lothlorien? also the same with the evil men?

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Rohirim91 Author

It has not been planned.

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