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Hey everyone! Take a look at the new exploration addition! Finally, players are no longer bound to a single fixed screen. Explore and build up to 20 chunks of random, yet beautiful, map terrain in explorer or casual mode.

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As you can see, the gui has been changed up a bit to give the player a more visual response to the game:

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Exploring caves becomes more exciting when you are unsure what lies ahead:

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If you don't feel like exploring in this view, simply zoom out:

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Change Log:

  • Fixed a bedrock bug.
  • Fixed a skybox bug.
  • Greatly expanded the terrain distance (still not infinite).
  • Terrain has been overall lowered.
  • Fixed an error that was created when spawning at a fast rate.
  • Players are now restricted to the map area properly.
  • Trees spawn more often.
  • Decreased the delay time for breaking bricks downwards.
  • Fixed the visual zoomed out feature.
  • Fixed death not showing up in zoom mode.
  • Fixed caves and improved their design.
  • Changed the map default generation size to 20 chunks.
  • Removed the x and y coordinates from the save file.
  • The game now starts in zoomed mode after the intro.
  • Enemies have been temporarily removed. They need some more design.

I'd love to hear some feedback, so give this game a try if you'd like!

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