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I got sick of playing in a grid-lock based game, so I added a new movement system. Now you can press SPACE to jump and move freely within the limits of your character.

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Hey guys, check out the new movement system!
Current Version: (v0.9_07)

This first image is an example of the mobility on ladders:
User Posted Image

This is what jumping looks like (approximately 1 and a half bricks high):
User Posted Image

You can also hang off of cliffs:
User Posted Image

Change Log:

  • Changed some controls (such as SPACE being jump), check the instructions
  • Fixed the mute option and renamed it "mute"
  • Fixed a bedrock bug
  • Fixed a breaking above tiles so they actually break
  • Fixed boundaries being overrun
  • Fixed (and improved) building left and right methods
  • Fixed player death issues
  • Fixed a spawn issue for players
  • Fixed (and broke) the ladders system
  • Fixed caves not showing up on rare occasions
  • Fixed dynamite not exploding
  • Creepers now spawn at a random time, not at a random amount of player movements
  • Improved small features to the 1080p option
  • Slowed down the time it takes to build left and right
  • I played with the current texture pack. It has a nicer contrast

Download it and tell me what you think!

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