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Miasma is a small map meant for one versus one up to three versus three players. This map is more for if you want to practice your aim with friends.

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Sometimes you want to play Operator mod, but don't have enough players to fill up two separate squads. You may also just want to practice your aim and movement with a buddy and relax for a bit. Miasma is a small map that fulfills this niche for 1v1s up to 3v3s.

IAD holds their objective building on Miasma.

Miasma is an Elimination only map, meaning that everyone only has one life. However, the rounds are short enough to keep you constantly in the action. To win, SRT either have to wipe out all of IAD or breach into IAD's house and destroy their cache.

IAD creeps up past dead SRT

Miasma is a small, symmetrical map. For SRT to reach IAD's building they'll either have to take the low ground or the high ground. The low ground allows for a fast, brutal push, but you'll have the natural disadvantage due to the height disadvantage. You still have some cover with the humvee and hesco containers though.

SRT gets taken out taking the low ground on Miasma.

On the high ground you have the height advantage and many possible positions to hold from, but to get to the other side you'll have to fight through the cramp shipping container.

SRT takes contact exiting the container.

Miasma is a great map if you want a fun map to play with a small amount of buddies. If you want a quick introduction to Operator's pvp action, you can't go wrong with playing Miasma with your friends to get used to the unique gunplay and movement mechanics before testing your tactics and strategy on more complex maps.

IAD shoots SRT on the lowground.

We have playtests every Saturday at 5:00pm UTC time.

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