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1.03 resolves the main world's level 8 forcefield issue. Now you can get past the forcefield. Read the full article for a way to get past it if you're still stuck after you patched the game to 1.03.

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I do stupid mistakes. Many people complained about A dormant Menace level 8 not being beatable because the forcefield wouldn't go down. I did a little research and guess what! I didn't change the code in level 8 in order to match 1.02 commands! Way to go!

You can download just the 1.03 patch from here (3.96 MB .zip - updates any previous versions):
Download here

Or an entire version 1.03 repack (74.78 MB 7-zip compressed self-extracting .exe)
Download here

If you patched the game to 1.03 and had saved your progress in level 8, the forcefield probably will still not go down. Here is a way to get past the forcefield:
Find "options.ini" in the game directory and open it.
Find the line console=0 and change it to console=1.
Load your saved game and go to the room with the forcefield.
Press the T key. An input field will appear. Input the following line:

This should work. If it doesn't, contact me. Again, sorry for any inconvenience.

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