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The project has started. The new Metal-Tech is Official. The compilatory q3 mod will return with more High Performance, and for that we need the help of all the gamers and users.

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Is coming. Bigger. Better. HIGLY EVOLVED

G-n3tiK Productions get's proud on brign back a really good Quake III Arena moddification.

Metal-Tech will get a new release. An untitled v3 which one will be better than the last one and it will have more than the already seened mods of Q3

We will try to brign more original art works and textures for make it more unique and try to avoid the comparation with other graphic mods.

It will include more HD skins, and we will try to make at lease one for each model in the game. Also, we will brign the Team Arena models on the normal Quake with good team skins.

More maps, similars to the ones from Quake Live, buth also keeping the limits from CPMA for not ruin the multiplayer gameplay with pure servers.

Better sound effects and new music. Better menu and also a different font. Soon we will remplace the old images and we will add new ones with the new changes.

And for make it even better, you can give us ideas for the mod.
By giving suggestions of "what should we add on it", "what do you wanna improve on your Q3" or even "what you didn't like from the last version"

For this weeks or even the rest of the year the project will be moving really slow, buth his release is officialy for 2012, so if you wanna be part of the G-n3tiK Productions team and work with us, be welcome.

Be checking the news for updates and more and click "Like" on the new G-n3tiK Productions facebook group

That will be for now. Say's goodbye
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