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"Metal Drift TV" is the official channel for showing off your Metal Drift carnage. The success of official eSports channels such as Quake Live TV can't be wrong! Send in your videos, and make 'em official.

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Introducing: Metal Drift TV

The official Metal Drift bragging rights channel.

This game is all about the multiplayer, but a lot of people have bought the game and are turned off by the fact that not many people are in the servers. Those people just need to see what it's like to play against real people! In an attempt to fix that and increase awareness of just how awesome Metal Drift is, we now have an official YouTube channel specifically for Metal Drift videos.

Metal Drift TV is where gameplay videos will be hosted in an official sense. The success of official eSports channels such as Quake Live TV can't be wrong! Every major contender in the realm of arena sports games, which we have every right to be part of, broadcasts videos of pros strutting their stuff. The videos are analyzed for tactics, tips, or just for entertainment.

So, this is a call out for any videos so I can start populating the channel with some awesome stuff. If you have any videos, get them to me ASAP. I can edit, convert, or chop pretty much anything you send me, so get the video uploaded to RapidShare, MEGAUPLOAD, host it on an FTP, whatever works for you. Then send a download link to the channels email! Once it's sent to me, go ahead and upload it to your personal (YouTube, Xfire, WeGame, etc...) channel as well. Your username will be shown on the bottom right hand corner of any video we put on Metal Drift TV.

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • Non-bot gameplay
  • Pickups/Tournaments (Multiple videos from the same pickup, but different perspectives would be SO cool)
  • Videos of getting achievements
  • Sweet goal runs
  • Massive kill streaks (preferably against humans)
  • Brag clips! (i.e. Jumping over people and killing them, Killing someone from halfway across the map, Sweet stealth tactics, Successful TeamSpeak organized plays, etc.)
  • FAIL clips... (I'm talking serious fail here... the kind people will watch over and over and laugh. I'm curious to see what I get.)
  • And whatever else you can think of!

Here's a list of software you can use to record footage:

  • FRAPS: The standard. Free version records 30 seconds at a time, or pay $37 for the full version and you have free reign.
  • Xfire: Free alternative. Does a great job. I'd suggest this one if you don't have FRAPS.
  • GameCam: Paid alternative to FRAPS. I haven't used it, but the footage on the site looks good.
  • WeGame: Another free alternative. Kinda buggy, but works well if your system likes it. I've not had success.
  • Screenium: For Macs... not sure why you'd need it, but hey you never know.
They say if it's not on video, then it didn't happen...
Let's make sure it happened. ;)

The Tournament

In other news, stay tuned for the upcoming Metal Drift Tournament! Official rules are being hammered out right now, but teams are starting to be organized as we speak. Be sure to check out the official thread for the most current news, but in brief, start collaborating and put together a 4 person team and make sure it's submitted here by Friday, June 11th, 2010. It's going to be a big event, so don't miss out! More news as the time draws closer.


Any chance there's gonna be some "special" thing going on steam soon to get some new meat in?(think free weekend/discounts)
Would love to give this a try again with real people, the bots however, they were horrible *shiver*

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BlackJacketGames Author

We'll be part of an Indie bundle coming up on steam. That should boost player numbers. But we're putting a lot more time and energy into community building in general. We have by-weekly organized matches on Mondays and Fridays as well.

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Reinstalled and after playing alone on a server for an hour finally some people showed up, ended up with a fair few players, was fun.

Though most of them had to suffer lagg just to be on a populated server, hope that indie bundle will breng in more european players for me to play with :D

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BlackJacketGames Author

Me too! :P It's such a blast with more players.

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