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A new Dreamcast DLC mod has been released for SADX PC

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Hi everyone!

Today is Dreamcast Conversion's first release anniversary. It was exactly one year ago when the first full version of the Dreamcast mod pack was made available to the public, the same day the Palette Lighting mod (now known as Lantern Engine) was released.

SonicFreak94 and I timed our mod releases to December 23rd because it was the same day Sonic Adventure originally came out in Japan back in 1998, so releasing mods that finally attempt to bring the PC version of the game to what it should've always been on the same day was kind of symbolic to us. But apart from the main game there was another release on this day back in 1998, which happens to be the first Sonic Adventure DLC! The download was offered long before the game came out in Europe and the US. It was never officially available in languages other than Japanese so it's rather obscure, though not too difficult to find and get running on a real Dreamcast. Or you can just download my recreation of it for the PC version!

Download SADX Christmas 1998 mod

If you've missed the other version that was released previously (based on the better known DLC that came out in English in 1999), you can get it here:

Download SADX Christmas 1999 mod

You can read more about SA1 DLCs and my mod recreations on this page.

Today's release completes my work on Dreamcast DLC mod recreations, so I hope you enjoy the last of the DLC mod series - Christmas 98! It includes the 1998 event Christmas tree model, all jingles that can be heard in the original game with the DLC, and all Christmas greetings translated into English by yours truly. Have fun!

This isn't the last DC mods update for this year, so stay tuned for more exciting news!


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