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There's a new version of Mercenaries that adds new items, maps and other features.

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New Items

We have added new items and customizations: Sword with Knuckle-Bow, Assassin's Hood, Short-Tailed Sallet, Kettle Hat with High Top Point, Cross-Hilt Dagger, Throwing Knife, Arch-Shaped Throwing Axe, Heavy Padded Leather with Cowl/Hood, Short-Tailed Sallet with Grey/Black Mask, Short-Tailed Sallet with Wreath, Light/Normal Green/Red/Blue Brigandine with Cuisses, Aketon with Kneecops, Aketon with Black Cuisses.

Some of the new items and custom versions

New Maps

There are 3 new maps in the rotation: Village on the Hill is a spacious battle map, Ahmerrad Arena is a small duel map and Ambean Castle is a siege map with a castle linked to a village by a bridge.

New maps

In-Game Scores

Not only kills are shown on the scoreboard, now players get additional scores for kill assists, for killing captains, dismounting cavalrymen, capturing or defending flags.

In-game scoreboard

Other Changes

  • Added 19 clan banners.
  • The Strong Back perk allows to carry up to 3 bags of throwing weapons but limits the total weight of the bags to 5.0.
  • Disallowed to shoot long bows while jumping.
  • Disallowed all actions while rearing.
  • The master of the field mode starts 30 seconds earlier.
  • Allowed to cheer while crouching.
  • Added clan advantages: Spear Supply, Appreciation of Cartwrights. Reduced the cost of Shield Supply.
  • Added total fame to the clan page and the leaderboard.
  • Reworked the list of recent achievements.
  • Slightly reworked the leaderboard. Now the dependence on the K/D ratio is non-linear.
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