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Added explosion of enemy planet. AI added. New trajectory system. Resource system added, plus linear missile type. Menus and tutorial added.

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It has been a while. I have worked on the rest of the core features for the game. As promised, the enemy planet now has a basic AI that will govern it's simple attack and defence. While creating it's targeting system, it also allowed me to overhaul the entire projectile travel system. It now follows a mathmatically calculation allowing it's path to be more realistic and allow path prediction to make the aiming much easier. In addition, the Linear Missile type has now been added. The enemy planet now explodes when you destroy it. I have yet to add this to the player's planet.

I have also added a resource system to the game, something I have planned to do for a while. You gather resources based on how far your missile travelled to impact the enemy planet (like the eventual score system). This means you can now repair your planet too, just like in the original 2D version of the game. While adding the resources menu I have now added an actual pause menu and main menu. In addition, I have also added a UI tutorial.

Future Plans:
- Homing Missile
- Asteroids
- More enemy planets
- More ship types
- More levels
- Adding explosion and "game over" to player's planet
- Levels with more planets
- Levels with better enemy AI

Possible Plans:
- Ability to capture enemy planet
- More missile types?
- Allies/Neutral Planets/Diplomacy
- Trying to obtain more funding/resources for your war effort
- Dealing with home-planet's government based on state of war
e.g. if planet close to destruction, less likely to receive resources, slower production, much less government backing. Possibility of government trying to stop war.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment on the game and make suggestions.


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