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New features added, including the menu system and the cargo manifest.

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It's been a busy month, with the moving house and the kid going to the hospital. But there are some new features nonetheless.

I have added loot containers. These show up a few seconds after the explosion.
I have also added the whole menu system. This includes both the main menu, which has static content, and a context menu.

Here's a short clip showing all the cool new features.

The context menu is directly linked to the selected scene object. The content of the context menu is determined by the features of the selected scene object. Currently, only the "Open Cargo" entry is supported. This entry is only available for scene objects which actually have a cargo feature. It wouldn’t make much sense to open the cargo of an asteroid now would it?

But what use is it to just have an "Open Cargo" item in the context menu without actually showing anything... So, I next started work on the cargo manifest. The cargo manifest is made to look as much like a real world cargo manifest as possible. So it has, per item, an icon, a name, a short description and the amount of items of that type.

All in all some nice new features. For now, this is all the features for the game itself. Reason for this is that I started working on the world builder. So expect the next few news items to be about that.

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