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Finally! ive waited long for a website to mod my ORPG and here it is! well, i shall now describe the game, whats been done and whats left to do and a FAQ for all ur needs:

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Its a relaxing ORPG with little complicating systems so as to keep newbies of the game learn how to play within seconds. Its really simple. The game is about a bad force that wanted to rule the earth.. so all of the forces have to combine and help keep off this menance. The forces that combined are: Dark force, Light force and earth force (meaning every living creature on earth).

Whats been done:
~Save/load system
~10+ areas for beginners to train at
~1 beginner town

Whats left to be done:
Many things =D

FAQ time~

Q: how many characters are there?
A: 25. there are 5 1st jobs, 10 2nd jobs, 10 3rd jobs and in future updates there will be more coming =)

Q: whats the difference between this ORPG and others?
A: first, there are many systems and features thats others would not have. here are some examples:
egg system : a system where u get to choose in which conditions would u like to nuture your egg, there are many possiblities!
dark/light possiblity: after reaching lvXX (not decided yet) on first job, u get to choose which faction u like to join, namely, dark or light. for eg, if im an lvXX archer, i can choose if i wana be a dark archer or a light archer. they will lead to different skills and abilities.

Q: how big will the game be?
A: i dare not confirm, but expect it at around 3mb. we have decided on the amount of imports we will need. we will have more than 100 custom weapons that are attachments (when u equip it, it really shows on ur hand!), more than 100 custom icons and custom skills. we would not be using anything from blizzard world editor other than monsters and trees.

continue to wait for news!

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