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Megatect Alpha is now publicly available. You can get the full release or try out the shareware demo first!

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Megatect has launched into public Alpha this week . In the current version you can create your own grids in build mode, either alone or with friends. The build mode engine is essentially in its final state, and each new update will give you more blocks and tools to build with!

From here, the next major additions will be a "Test Mode" where, from build mode, you will be able to test your grids with your friends as if it were a public match. Following this will be the inclusion of a public lobby, letting you host the girds you build online and play public matches in the levels you've created!

Aside from the major updates, I will also be adding in a whole bunch of new blocks to play with, such as waypoints for creating races, team specific spawners and score counters, turrets and motion detectors for challenge maps, and much, much more!

The Alpha release will get you the build mode in its current state as well as the Launcher which will keep you up to date. all updates will be free of course!
OR alternatively you can download the free shareware copy and try it out first. This copy is also multiplayer enabled so be sure to share it with your friends!

Head over to for more information as well as find the download links, and be sure to check out the road map page for a more detailed look at whats to come!

Megatect Demo

Thanks for all the support!
- Matt

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