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Recently, we discovered MegaBots, Inc, a kickstarter group which is working to create live-action fighting battlemechs.

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We have recently come to learn about a group on KickStarter called MegaBots, Inc. They have been working diligently to construct-you guessed it-battlemechs!

Their working prototypes are fifteen feet tall and designed to fire paintball-based rockets and cannons in arena-based combat, much like battlemechs in Solaris coliseums.

They have amassed some significant funding already, and hope to expand their idea to create an entire battlemech fighting sport!

Check them out! Our dreams of becoming mechwarriors might be closer than we think!

--Update: 8-NOV-14--

I noticed yesterday that this group was rated as Rank 51 across all of ModDB's 25,000 groups, and we are very close to 1,000 downloads of the main client! 1,000 new mechwarriors!

Thank you everyone for your continued support of the classic!

Also, as we perform maintenance on our existing file packs, you may see them temporarily disappear from the group. They will be back up once they are reauthorized, of course, and many changes have been made to make sure all files work as intended.

So check your file version and see that you have the latest file!

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