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Article about the early beta demo of Randy & Manilla.

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More of one year later of the Pre-Beta, after a long absence, Randy & Manilla It returns full of updates that expand and improve the game experience that will be mentioned below:

RM Uptext 3

Randy Manilla net cubes upgrad

Without a doubt, the big updates always start by talking about the graphic update. The Net-Cubes have continued to receive improvements in adding textures with somewhat dark edges that give it greater 3D depth, They have also slightly improved the brightness and color to make it a little less blinding to the eye.

RM   Terra Qubit upgrade jpeg

Inside of the Net-Cubes aren't far behind in this regard either. For example, in Terra-Qubit, the skydome it already has a less bright color to give a more "nocturnal" appearance. The trees has a different green shade than grass & there is a house that differs from the rest.

RM Uptext 4

RM   Xbox Gamepad input map wr

Another of the biggest novelties is compatibility with gamepads (specially from Xbox-like gamepad).
We have optimized the game by 99% so that it can be viably played with gamepads.
With that they will have a better gaming experience than using the keyboard and mouse.

For the keyboard and mouse users, mainly for what do they use WASD, we have included the E and R buttons for powers so they are pressed at a much shorter distance for the fingers.

RM Uptext 5

RM   Pause menu upgrade fix

The pause it's been revamped with smoother & rounded buttons and less inconsistency between text fonts.

Added save only option so you don't have to rely on going to quit and then saving and exiting to the start menu to load the game.

In audio panel, audio-only or SFX -only options that were initially discarded were added. And in video panel, options that were once useless became functional (like the ambient occlusion).

RM Uptext 6

Randy Manilla in Rol Rogue

For every big update, a new Net-Cube makes its way. Rol & Rogue, like Terra-Qubit, is a voxelated world, but in this one it consists of the exploration of forests and caves in which the protagonists fight with the enemies in the style of an action RPG (with their numbers indicating the HP and levels).

Sparky the Spider

RM  Sparky the Spider

Is a young spider who lives in Rol & Rogue. It belongs to the clan of giant spiders.
His spider-sense can detect lost people several kilometers away and even up to more than 100 meters deep.

Extra temporal skills/items:

RM   Extra skills fix

As of Early Beta, if you get all the points of each level that contain score (Either from net-points, enemies, etc.) you will be rewarded not only with S Rank or a bonus if you exceed the maximum score, but also extra lives for the next level he can during the entire active game or after taking damage or a fall.
Sometimes can be rewarded with other skills, like boost if the next level requires speed to overcome it.

RM Uptext 7

This is something that I had been thinking about since before starting the project. The dubbing is something that in most big videogames has always had them. For now it has a spanish dub (it is possible that at the end of the base game, it could be dubbed with some other language, along with translations of the general texts).

Voice Casting examples:

Hugo Iglesias (La Nau Estudi) as Cracksom Virus

Alberto Odalvos as the Gameboss (Jay Gamer McDay)

María Martínez Montiel as Manilla & Venny Loopsuit

I thank all the people who have participated in the game dubbing.

And again there are still many more improvements and updates to show in this devlog:

RM Early Beta updates

Getting Randy & Manilla into Early Beta was a long road, but for it to become complete it will be a long odyssey full of obstacles to overcome, and that might even require upgrading the project's software, rewriting and renewing the code (maybe even all of it).

If this works, it's very possible that the Early Beta will be the last free demo of the game, and when it is complete, a price will be set for its commercial use.

Anyway it has been a great honor to bring the game to this point and I thank all the people who have collaborated with the project.

Randy Manilla   All characters 1

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