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The sausage that make up Hello Sausage, from brat to wurst.

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Alexander is the team leader and a developer of Hello Sausage. Some call him the Chief Wurst, possibly because he's a little bit European, or maybe he's a tribal kinda guy, although it's probably because he's the team leader and it sounded better than Top Sausage.

John is the lead 3D artist of Hello Sausage. John pops out 3D models like there's no tomorrow. We would say he's the brat of the bunch, but it just sounds mean. In reality he's not the wurst.

Joe C is an artist and the animator of Hello Sausage. If we had to describe joe in one sausage, we would say he's a cocktail sausage. A party favourite but nobody really knows why.

Joe T is the other developer of Hello Sausage. Yeah, there's only two dedicated developers right now. Joe's Sausage in Command, like second in command, get it? Yeah I didn't think it was funny either.

Jonny is the audio engineer of Hello Sausage. Without Jonny our games would be silent like all of my solo projects. I'd make another sausage joke but I'd probably butcher it.

Billy is an artist and generalist of Hello Sausage. In fact, he's THE sausage where it all began. Without Billy, we wouldn't be the sausages we are today, and for that we can only blame him. Damn you Billy.


Marc is an artist of Hello Sausage. Marc is the last slice of salami that makes up Hello Sausage. What he may lack in terms of pure meat content he makes up for in marbled appearance.

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