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An interview with Janet, the lead audio developer for Mark of the Beast.

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Meet the Team - Audio

Everybody knows that audio and sound are staples of any good horror movie or game. They create atmosphere and enforce an unsettling tension which can provoke a wide variety of emotional reactions. For Mark of the Beast this holds prominent with sound taking a massive place in creating the atmosphere needed to tackle the challenge of survival horror multiplayer.

Sound in Mark of the Beast doesn't just create tension however, we also have exciting plans where players can interact with sounds to create new and exciting game experiences every play.

With sound being so Vital we would like to introduce our Audio Lead Janet Banerjee who is leading the audio development side of the Mark of the Beast project. For the sake of all you folk reading here is an interview with Janet and an audio sample so you can get the general gist of who she is and the exciting contribution she is making to the team.

So Janet, tell us some information about yourself.
It's pretty simple. I live in Connecticut right now with my husband and cats. I compose and do production out of my home studio. I end up spending most of my free time either playing instruments (violin, viola or guitar), playing video games, or watching sports/esports.

Favorite musician or band?
That is a tough question. I listen to primarily rock and classical music. In the rock sphere I love the bands Hurt, Shinedown, Metallica, and Slash. For classical music I love Beethoven and Brahms. Some of my favorite soundtracks are Halo, Half Life and Requiem for a Dream.

When did you start audio composition?
I started writing music casually in High School and really got serious in College. I also learned production in college and post college I decided to combine that with my love for video games.

What interests you about Horror Games and Mark of the Beast specifically?
I think that Horror games play with emotions in a way that no other game does. You get something completely different from the experience than you get from other styles of games. Mark of the Beast is the first horror game that I have worked on and I am excited about the options available when designing the sound for a horror game.

What is the most enjoyable part of developing audio?
I obviously love writing music. A close second would be sound design, where we decide what sounds/music to use and where it will go. Thinking about how I can enhance the game with sound.

What is the least enjoyable part?
The editing at the end. I enjoy mastering and balancing sounds but the final checks for glitches, balance issues, and other problems are boring and can be long.

Thank you for giving your time up for this interview :)

Final Note

We will be posting on a more regular basis from now on so we look forward to all of your comments and feedback! Peace.

If you are interested in joining the project please feel free to visit the jobs page.

- Daniel Butler

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