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Meet the protagonist of redDOOM: A Class United, Angie.

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Angie, the Protagonist

Meet the protagonist of the game, Angie. Angie is named after Angela Davis, a prominent communist in the United States. Right now we just have the spritesheet set up, but soon you should be able to test her out yourself with a character mod for zDOOM! I'm hoping to get that pushed out in the next couple days, so look forward to that.

Let's learn more about Angie, shall we?

You'll first meet her when you take control of her in an unnamed prison in Los Angeles. She was arrested during a riot, one of the many riots ongoing nationally showing the level of unrest. However, this day the protests and riots went up a notch. Violence broke out, with groups overwhelming cops and attacking them with batons and other weapons. The police arrested some of the demonstrators, desperately trying maintain any semblance of peace. What they haven't realised just yet is that these aren't merely just a few protests, but the first sign of a people rising up against capitalist oppression.

Soon you'll be able to take control of Angie yourself and play with her in DOOM and DOOM II, and rip and tear some demons to your hearts content.

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