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It's only good manners to let ladies go first. Fr.O'Brien might have issues with this, but since he's already dead that whole 'if looks could kill' thing is no longer a threat to him from our feisty Lilly.

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Meet Lilly she is Fiery, Foul-Mouthed, Tenacious, Seductive and Charming. Lilly is the angry spirit that Father O'Brien meets in the after life and manages to convince him to infiltrate the Vatican.

Lilly Developed as a sidekick character after we realized we needed a guide in the game if we intended to use a HUDless interface. She has 2 forms, Human and "Ball". While in the "Ball" form Lilly indicates to FoB if he can possess objects or people in the game by changing colour when you hover over things using the mouse.

Lilly's character design has been altered a lot to match her backstory. Back when she was alive living as a street-smart young lady with a talent for slight of hand card tricks she had a taste for fine clothing. Now in her afterlife she continues to kit herself out in the latest fashions by swiping others spirits clothing.

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