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Update in regards to the Sneak Peek vs. Actual Release and other miscellaneous content.

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Hello and welcome to the MEE team mod page. MEE (Middle-earth Expanded) is a modification that will finish Rohan and Arnor the way EA intended them to be finished.

5min Sneak Peek:

Notes: Since this was uploaded many changes have occurred and many fixes have been put in place including put not limited to the following:

Rohan Faction (EA Style)


  • Peasants

Archery Range

  • Yeoman Archers
  • Elven Warriors
  • Fire Arrows Upgrade


  • Rohirrim Lancers
  • Rohirrim Archers
  • Royal Guards(Switch between both + go on foot) (Elite)
  • Horse Shields

Battle Tower

  • Garrison 2 Hordes
  • Fire Arrows Upgrade


  • Leadership to surrounding units in area


  • Heal surround units in area

Ent Moot

  • Ent
  • Treebeard


  • Banner Carriers
  • Forged Blades
  • Heavy Armor


  • Wall Segment
  • Wall Upgrade to Gate
  • Wall Upgrade to Tower
  • Wall Upgrade to Postern Gate

Golden Hall (Fortress)

  • Porter
  • Heroes
  • Merry
  • Gamling
  • Leadership
  • Blademaster
  • Horn Ability
  • Eomer
  • Eowyn
  • Theoden
  • Upgrades
  • Banner Carriers
  • Fire Arrows Upgrade
  • Reinforced Wood Upgrade (improve fortress armor)
  • First Light Upgrade (Cloudbreak)

Fortress Plots

  • Sentry Tower
  • Wall Hub


  • Rallying Call
  • Heal
  • Draft
  • Enshrouding Mist
  • Arrow Volley
  • Elven Wood
  • Elven Gifts
  • Summon Elven Allies
  • Cloudbreak
  • Summon Ents
  • Summon Eorl and Eothed
  • Army of the Dead

General Balance Changes/Fixes

  • Rohirrim Lancers (40CP)
  • Rohirrim Archers (60CP)
  • Royal Guards(80CP) 5per horde (Cost: 1500)


  • Ent Units (35CP instead of 50CP)


  • Peasants (40CP instead of 60CP)
  • Peasants health increase and armor increase
  • Yeoman Archers health increase and armor increase
  • Yeoman Archers range increase


  • Theoden Buffed
  • Eowyn Slight Buff
  • Eomer Damage Buff


  • XP Giving Abilities from Heroes to Rohan instead of Men

Men heroes taken out/added

  • Eomer (-)
  • Eowyn (-)
  • Theoden (-)
  • Pippin (+)

Dwarves heroes taken out/added

  • Frodo/Bilbo? (+)

Elves heroes taken out/added

  • Sam (+)

Also, we have decided to make MEE a stand alone modification which means that it in and of itself can be modded. This means that you need ROTWK disc to play but it also means that we have a lot more flexibility with the UI to make it more of a stand-alone game.

This also means to make it more of an EA style installation there will be new maps made by a fellow named Bofur as well as any other maps we can get our hands on.

Themed UI's:
Themes are essentially what the UI (main menus, in game menus etc will look like)

  • During the first release the UI will compensate for the Rohan release, this means a Green/Yellow theme will take place.
  • During the second release the UI will compensate for the Arnor release, this means a Grey/White theme will take place.
  • During the third release the UI will compensate for both Rohan & Arnor Bug fixing, this means dark green theme will take place.

Also, during the third release a few extras will be either added. This may even include a specialized launcher and include third party online support through T3A: Online (once ROTWK is supported) and or Gameranger.

The Lord of the Rings, Middle-earth Extended Beta v1 shall be released within the coming days/weeks.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will subscribe to stay updated with this mods progression!

MEE Modding Team


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What is this? New mod?

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