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There is a mod/game that has been released under Invasio Barbarorvm II called Conqvestvs Britanniae III. The campaign starts in 452 AD and the map is the British Isles and surrounding areas.

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As there is not currently any plans to bring this game to a newer version of Total War, I have included a link to a Medieval 2 Kingdoms mod which is a very similar timeframe and area to this mod.

Invasio Barbarovm II LINK

Invasio Barbarorvm 2: Conqvestvs Britanniae III download page on LINK

Map consists of Britain, Ireland, N. France and the lower Scandinavian areas.
Set in 452 AD and Rome has withdrawn from Britanniae bringing forth various Briton or Romano Briton factions, this is also encouraging the Saxons, Angles and Jutes to visit Britanniae.

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