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Hello, Engineers! Today we have good news - we're getting closer to releasing updates again.

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Originally posted on Aug 16, 2016

The final feature sprint is here for us, followed by polishing our work afterwards. We will be announcing the release date soon, and after that, we want to keep to a regular update schedule again.

Most regular weekly updates will be minor updates: bugfixes, small features, new blocks, etc. Every now and then, a new major version will be pushed with big features. Each major version released will become a numbered branch on Steam, so you can always revert to older major versions if you want to. Backward compatibility will focus only on the previous major revision. We will drop support for revisions more than 1 major version behind.

We also want to announce that with the introduction of planets to Medieval Engineers, we will stop updating the 32-bit version of the game. Version 2.70 (current) will be available as a 32-bit branch that can be accessed on Steam, but it will not be updated. This will allow us to introduce a whole planet as your world, and develop more features for the game that would not be possible under 32-bit restrictions.

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