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Median XL 1.99b --- druid charm tree improvements --- additional new uberlevel --- set item improvements --- improved balance --- realm wipe

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Median XL 1.99b has landed!

The ultimate Median patch features the following changes over 1.95:

Median XL 1.99b

The Unseelie Court
This comprises a number of changes to make the charm-based druid more fun and interesting and less dangerous to play: a single target Dominate spell, a gaggle of Leprechauns and the Elvensong which will charm random enemies for you.

Elvensong icon Leprechaun icon Dominate icon

For ages I have battled this game engine to implement the skill tree (which was never intended to exist by Blizzard, in a game which wasn't meant to be modded) and it is finally taking shape.

New uberquest: Vizjun (Dungeon uberquest #8)
The home city of the assassins! The Viz-Jaq'Taar or Mageslayers eschew the use of magic and instead rely on technology to avoid being corrupted by magic like the mage clans they were created to police. In the mad world of Median, technology means magitek drone armies, minefields, machine-gun sentries and cruise missiles.

Vizjun image
Nuclear launch detected.

Lend the assassins a helping hand, because the central AI that runs Vizjun has been affected by Diablo and seems to have sent robot hordes rampaging through the city.

Major set item revamp
Set items are now actually competitive with a set of sacred uniques!
Note: you will have to find the set items again, though the full set bonus will update.

Improved skill balance
A few of the more overpowered builds were toned down, while underused builds were improved.

Shower of Rocks icon Pounce icon Lionheart icon

Realm wipe!
The official (d2maniacs) realm starts a new ladder season!

Download now at Mods by Laz!


Damn!!! Friggin awesome! :D

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Can we get an install guide?

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BrotherLaz Author

It's inside the download.

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this is the best D2 lod mod out there! i love it.. great job guys.

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