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New map, Gamemodes introduction and features.

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The maps:

Right now i have 1 map almost finished


(thanks to the forsaken development team for the map textures)


Survival: Players must defend themselves against zombies NPCs for a specific amount of time

Versus: One player is chosen to be the host of the virus and must kill the other players to infect them.

Escape: Players must escape before they infect them or time runs out.

Human Deathmatch: Players are selected randomly to be on 2 teams, and they must kill the other team, but there are also zombies around them.


Zombie's abilitys: in infection mode player zombies have special abilities (for example the stalker can throw its hook to bring survivors to him)

Buy Menu: Survivors earn money by killing zombies and they can spend it by buying weapons, items or abilities.

Dynamic difficulty and FMOD: Dynamic difficulty adjusts map toughtness in real-time as also ambient sounds

And thats all for now folks! XD

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