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The combat system in GP has always been a bit clunky, even with this latest engine. Each iteration of the title brings better mechanics, but now I have finally got the system perfected!

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Since the release of the demo, people have been giving some pretty positive feedback, but for some reason it still felt like something just wasn't quite there.. After making the playthrough videos for the demo, I realized the issue was in responsiveness to reaction time. Not in the sense of low framerate, but in the way of having to allow certain animations to run completely before making another move.

So to fix this issue I set up an "attack cancellation system." Teleporting enemies and counter attacking ones could make combat feel a bit unfair when Amber is in mid attack and cannot break out of her animation to dodge or block. So to fix this, the attack cancellation system will allow you to break out of mid attack and dodge or put up your guard. Now the only reason to take damage is due to difficulty rather than unfairness.

Another addition is the ability to choose to walk or sprint. Previously in the demo, Amber could either only walk or only sprint. When she is unarmed, walking is the only option. And when she becomes armed, she could only run. Now, after getting your first weapon, you can choose to walk or run at any time. The running animation has also bee modified.

The final point of interest for the current upgrades is a modification to killing your enemies. Now, for smaller creatures, depending on the attack that lands the finishing blow during a combo, an enemy can either be decapitated or cut completely in two. This tends to make surviving an encounter a little more gratifying.

This is it for the mentionable upgrades and changes, but there are plenty more to be seen in-game when Part 1 is released!

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