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Brief teaser for the semi-mechanic of the Imperial Oversector commands.

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UGCW introduces the implementation of the often named yet never described Imperial Oversectors:

As a way of managing Imperial administration, the Empire expanded upon the 20 Priority Sectors leftover from the Clone Wars, and consolidated them into several massive galaxy-spanning Oversectors. Ruled by a Grand Moff in the interest of smoother bureaucracy.

Since the exact borders for these (canonically) ever-shifting territories has never really been given, I took some liberties and made the ones seen in this image.

Each Oversector, or more accurately, its capitol (Seen in the image) can construct an 'Oversector Command' building. As well, they will have their own Grand Moff as a playable unit. These features, if the player so chooses to invest in them, grant massive boons to your Empire's pop cap, income, and more.

In truth, it really is just flavor. There isn't much "mechanic" to it, but I think it can help the player become better immersed and give them the feeling they truly are lording over a galaxy, not a series of .ted files.


    • Capitol: Coruscant
    • Ruler(s):
      • Grand Moff Trachta (Era I - Era IV)
      • Grand Moff Tigellinus (Era V)
    • Capitol: Ord Mantell
    • Ruler(s):
      • Grand Moff Bartam (Era I - Era IV)
      • Grand Moff Randd (Era V)
    • Capitol: Eriadu
      • Ruler(s):
        • Grand Moff Tarkin (Era I - Era IV)
        • Grand Moff Kaine (Era V)
    • Capitol: Nar Shaddaa
      • Ruler(s):
        • Grand Moff Shild (Era I - Era IV)
        • Grand Moff Hissa (Era V)


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