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Mech Commander Omnitech is standalone game. There is no need for Mech Commander 2 installation nor disk. There is no need for XNA installation any more for Mission Editor. Improved stability. Many bugfixes. Editor is finally free of XNA.

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MCO 304.

Mech Commander Omnitech is standalone game.
There is no need for Mech Commander 2 installation nor disk.
There is no need for XNA installation any more for Mission Editor.

How to make purchase and salvage files in MCO:

List of all changes since 276:
277: bugfix on delete array in missionBriefingScreen and missiongui.
278: ExtentRadius changed to be bigger for larger mechs
279: Variables defining removed heap sizes removed from the code.
280: Debugwins and variables removed from the code
281: Autosave file "Before_mission" added.
282: Mechlab bug - removed components saved to inventory fixed.
283: Players mechs are facing direction of the mission drop mech (first player unit in mission file)
shadowcat texture fix.Old Zeus replaced with Zeus mk2 model. Buildings.csv fix - all dropships moved to air units. x_2_4 mission changed - components salvage added.
284: Changes in radio to prevent memory alloc if zero packet.
285: Problem with destroyed gates and path finding for longer distances fixed.
286: Bugfix in move.cpp - fixed redefinition of array(30) - must be 40+.
287: Many changes in define MAX variables in move.h and .cpp and other modules.Maps 180+ no longer crush on second load in solo. Many checks added on delete or free. Misions MW2_1_1 and MW2_1_2 changed.
288: MW2_4_1 fix.
289: Saved variant name can go up to 20 characters (14). Crab icon. MW2_7_1 fix. Before_mission autosave for solo missions disabled.
290: PPC turret - new model. Bugfix in damage transfer from mission to logistics. Message window position changed. Pilot ready screen fixed overlaping mech-pilot stats.
291: Mechlistbox and MechPurchase screen rewritten, no more crushes. Animation redesign - Fafnir and Warhammer2c (Karl). New texture Warhammer2c (Karl).
292: Options - unlimited purchase implemented (components only for now). Options screen changed. Options.cfg changed - line for unlimited purchase added. Change in logistics resolution selection.
293: Nova lGun joint fix.
294: Logistics resolution changes - logistics uses the same resolutions as mission.
295: Hi res offsets for logistics resolutions. Ini files for logistic screens added for 1680 and 1920 res.
296: Logistics screens are in detected best supported resolution. Positions are calculated per offsets from ini files and 1280 as reference.
297: Scaling for mech models and rotating weapon models for hi-res fixed. Hard coded cover rect for in pilot ready area moved to other rects.
298: Repair truck deploy reset if mission failed.
299: Salvage component changed to support CompCount. New Warhammer2c shadow (Karl).
300: Error in goblin pilot file fixed. Editor recompiled, xna-arm removed from editor obj manager.
301: Pilot radio under airstrike enabled.
302: Mech selection boxes for 2nd and 3rd line for offsets fixed. Pilot attribute meters not showing because of new cover rect fixed.
303: Fix: ECM shut down for dead or disabled mech with ECM. Fix: BlackJack error in CSV file.
304: Editor is free of XNA.

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