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Hey there just a little update for all those who are interested or following Mech Balls!

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Hey just a little update on Mech Balls, there hasn't been too many and thought I'd write one up on the behalf of everyone.

Alright so Mech Balls was a school project, we had 3 months to create a game while working in a group of artists and programmers. So we got the game done finished in time and such, its playable but still many fixes and bugs need to be done, the only thing is it appears they wont be any further work on Mech Balls. This isnt 100% certain, I'm only the marketing guy (least thats the title I got) and nothing has been said after the game has been handed in.

It appears noone from the group will be working on it further next year when we can take it into incubator and release it as a commercial game. Also it appears Mech Balls has gotten the "uni project" label and wont be released to the public for you to try, it however has been at PAX Australia and will also be shown at iFest Australia in Melbourne.

But for now, the page will remain up as this can all change depending on what the team leaders decide. We have a teaser trailer and a character selection video up just to show off parts of the game which can be viewed in the video section of the Mech Balls page on ModDB/IndieDB.

So thats it for now, hopefully this game does get the fixes and such and released for people to play it as its a shame in my honest opinion as alot of hours and effort went into creating this game and leaving it as a school project doesn't feel right to me. Some may think why don't I carry it over? Well simply I'd butcher it and kill it I wouldn't want the responsibility and none of my stuff made it into the game so I'd rather move on from this project and onto another one as in no way does it feel like any part of it is "my game". So I've marked it as released as it has been played by the public (in locations) and yeah. Thats pretty much it, thanks for reading!

- Kyle

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