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This update adds the FFA Deathmatch game mode, the Blue Dot game mechanic (this allows players to extend their life indefinitely) as well as numerous bug fixes.

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I NEW GAME MODE: DeathMatch Arena

- Worlds without Fortress / Control Points ( Universe was reset to add these worlds)


1. Life extension:
- Blue Dots give an extra 'life' of 3 minutes
- these are dropped on the map periodically, and each time a Mega dies ( including your own )
- this means that if you are actively playing on a map you may no longer 'expire' as long as you keep playing!

2. Factory Turret:
- All Morphed Megas now have the ability to breed Minis ( but this is turned off by default )
- AI update to reflect this


- added a section about the enemy AI and the Neutral base in the tutorials
- added quantified data about each ability in the 'Morph' window and MiniMeba dialog
- added tutorial about 'blue dots'
- bottom toolbar is visible by default for the Tutorial map


- fixed AI sometimes getting stuck
- fixed bug that caused the Healer Turret to crash the server upon removing Viri from infected mebas
- fixed rare bug causing server crashes upon player entry
- fixed very rare bug causing crash when giving commands to units too quickly
- fixed start Metal Count for each world
- fixed the issue that sometimes Player Start positions would be right next next to each other resulting in spawnkill


- Temp Soundtrack, Graphical Enhancements, including Hi-res background, unit graphic enhancements, smoother animations and more!

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