Okay this is when all begins. My first article and my first "official" mod. I hope u enjoy this mod (when i launch it obviusly). Thanks for your visit.

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I'm from Argentina, so my English is not the best. However, i'll do my best effort.

This mod will be a Kaiserreich alternative. I love that mod, but i think a few things deserved to be improved.

So, this is my mod. 1936, 17 years after the Treaty of Berlin. In 1919, Germany won the WW1 and they forced the great powers of the UK and France to hand over a few colonies and territories. They (Germany) still keeping their colonies and Alsace-Lorena.

The Austro-Hungarian empire was disarmed in the '20s, and the Ottoman Empire was suffer a civil war and now they are the Republic of Turkey. They lost their possessions in Arabia, but they still have Syria and more territories.

Austria conserves Slovenia, South Tyrol and Istria, and Hungaria have Transilvanya and Slovakia.

Bulgaria have Thrace and obviusly Germany still have Poznan, Dánzig and the south of Jutland.

However, i'll add information and images here.

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