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This will become the MechCommander 1 Gold Prometheus campaign overview & walkthrough guide.

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1. Download MCG Prometheus Fullversion - Mod DB
2. Download MCG Prometheus Non-ISO Fullversion folder
(~700MB less in size for people who already have the original CD / ISO)

MechCommander Gold - P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S.
Original Clan Wolf campaign
Overview & Operation 1


Hello dear MechCommanders,

I have been working on this Prometheus Clan Campaign Edition Version for about a year. 2020 i could not hit my task to complete fifty brandnew missions. But i have created 33 missions for the new solo player campaign. This standalone game folder for MechCommander 1 - Gold is a full operative game with two single player campaigns and a bunch of solo- as well as multiplayer missions. MCG Prometheus contains about 500 playable mission scenarios. The backbone for this standalone, that will become v5.0 of my MechCommander remastering process, is a solid MCG Darkest Hours built. MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours is the Inner-Sphere (IS) version of the game where you fight against the Clans during Clan Invasion around ~3050.

In this version you will be able to play the first 33 missions of the brandnew Clan Wolf - Prometheus campaign. The Beta Release doesn't have full mission briefings. Reason is that my time level was too low 2020. Actually i'm starting to write the new mission briefings & my new storyplot into the game. For the Beta Version MechCommanders only will have a blank briefing screen for the missions, just containing information about mission objectives and air support counts. On Eastern 2020 the fullversion will be updatet with the new briefings, storyplot and some more expanding enhancements for the new standalone built. In the time between you may only expect smaller updates or serious bugfixes.

At the moment i need players to get a feeling for the new campaign. I hope you enjoy this new built and appreciate any feedback. This isn't the final game - but it is a thing - bigger than the original was. For players who want to play a FINISHED FullVersion - and didn't checked out my MCG Darkest Hours v4.2final version i recommend trying this one first. For players that have got no experiences with MechCommander at all i recommend playing the Original Version first.

With your appreciated feedback and ideas to make this game better a new masterpiece will rise in the next months. MCG Prometheus will become the most complete and content loaded MechCommander built, ever. For the creation process of this remastered version the file structure of the game engine will be evolved to a higher level. Full comtomizability and endless fun playing this gem is the task while proceeding the development. With your assistance this Clan Wolf Edition will become a thing.


You are taking part as a young Clan MechCommander who was assigned on a Clan Wolf Jumpship that got critical damaged and is now flying uncontrolled circles around the atmosphere of the IS owned enemy planet.

Somehow you managed to reach a small control room with functioning hardware. Immediatly you begin your work - with clouds of smoke and the breath of fire in your lungs. On screen a tactical map showing an area where a Commando battlemech was located hidden in the woods. Via sattellite you contact a stranded MechWarrior on the surface and lead him to the BattleMech in order to start the "Invasion"... basically at the moment it is just surviving.

You've got the guts Clan Commander! The Clanners trust on you. Our dropships are hopefully not completely destroyed before reaching the ground. We need to make contact to more pilots - and - damn this smoke sucks - we need to fix the jumpship.

Overview - MCG Prometheus
!!! Clan Wolf Edition XXL Campaign !!!

MechCommanderGold: P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S.

All MechCommander Gold - P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. Clan Wolf Campaign Edition Missions!

Operation 1

  • Operation 1, Mission 1 - The beginning!
  • Operation 1, Mission 2
  • Operation 1, Mission 3
  • Operation 1, Mission 4
  • Operation 1, Mission 5
  • Operation 1, Mission 6
  • Operation 1, Mission 7
  • Operation 1, Mission 8
  • Operation 1, Mission 9
  • Operation 1, Mission 10
  • Operation 1, Mission 11
  • Operation 1, Mission 12
  • Operation 1, Mission 13
  • Operation 1, Mission 14
  • Operation 1, Mission 15
  • Operation 1, Mission 16
  • Operation 1, Mission 17
  • Operation 1, Mission 18
  • Operation 1, Mission 19
  • Operation 1, Mission 20
  • Operation 1, Mission 21
  • Operation 1, Mission 22
  • Operation 1, Mission 23
  • Operation 1, Mission 24
  • Operation 1, Mission 25
  • Operation 1, Mission 26
  • Operation 1, Mission 27
  • Operation 1, Mission 28
  • Operation 1, Mission 29
  • Operation 1, Mission 30
  • Operation 1, Mission 31
  • Operation 1, Mission 32
  • Operation 1, Mission 33
  • Operation 1, Mission 34 after Mission 33 of the Clan Campaign you will be able to play the campaign further with the Darkest Hours Mission source from Scenario 34 (MCGDH-Op2Mis14 up to it's final Mission 89. With the following updates for Prometheus the game will get more enhancements, updates, new artwork and missions during the completion process. Actually we have about 15% of the total game content physically playable for all users. This News will be constantly updated during the development process. So i recommend having a look here from time to time.
  • Operation 1, Mission 35
  • Operation 1, Mission 36
  • Operation 1, Mission 37
  • Operation 1, Mission 38
  • Operation 1, Mission 39
  • Operation 1, Mission 40
  • Operation 1, Mission 41
  • Operation 1, Mission 42
  • Operation 1, Mission 43
  • Operation 1, Mission 44
  • Operation 1, Mission 45
  • Operation 1, Mission 46
  • Operation 1, Mission 47
  • Operation 1, Mission 48
  • Operation 1, Mission 49
  • Operation 1, Mission 50

Operation 2

  • Operation 2, Mission 1
  • Operation 2, Mission 2
  • Operation 2, Mission 3
  • Operation 2, Mission 4
  • Operation 2, Mission 5
  • Operation 2, Mission 6
  • Operation 2, Mission 7
  • Operation 2, Mission 8
  • Operation 2, Mission 9
  • Operation 2, Mission 10
  • Operation 2, Mission 11
  • Operation 2, Mission 12
  • Operation 2, Mission 13
  • Operation 2, Mission 14
  • Operation 2, Mission 15
  • Operation 2, Mission 16
  • Operation 2, Mission 17
  • Operation 2, Mission 18
  • Operation 2, Mission 19
  • Operation 2, Mission 20
  • Operation 2, Mission 21
  • Operation 2, Mission 22
  • Operation 2, Mission 23
  • Operation 2, Mission 24
  • Operation 2, Mission 25

Operation 3

  • Operation 3, Mission 1
  • Operation 3, Mission 2
  • Operation 3, Mission 3
  • Operation 3, Mission 4
  • Operation 3, Mission 5
  • Operation 3, Mission 6
  • Operation 3, Mission 7
  • Operation 3, Mission 8
  • Operation 3, Mission 9
  • Operation 3, Mission 10
  • Operation 3, Mission 11
  • Operation 3, Mission 12
  • Operation 3, Mission 13
  • Operation 3, Mission 14
  • Operation 3, Mission 15
  • Operation 3, Mission 16
  • Operation 3, Mission 17
  • Operation 3, Mission 18
  • Operation 3, Mission 19
  • Operation 3, Mission 20
  • Operation 3, Mission 21
  • Operation 3, Mission 22
  • Operation 3, Mission 23
  • Operation 3, Mission 24
  • Operation 3, Mission 25
  • Operation 3, Mission 26
  • Operation 3, Mission 27
  • Operation 3, Mission 28
  • Operation 3, Mission 29
  • Operation 3, Mission 30
  • Operation 3, Mission 31
  • Operation 3, Mission 32
  • Operation 3, Mission 33
  • Operation 3, Mission 34
  • Operation 3, Mission 35
  • Operation 3, Mission 36
  • Operation 3, Mission 37
  • Operation 3, Mission 38
  • Operation 3, Mission 39
  • Operation 3, Mission 40
  • Operation 3, Mission 41
  • Operation 3, Mission 42
  • Operation 3, Mission 43
  • Operation 3, Mission 44
  • Operation 3, Mission 45
  • Operation 3, Mission 46
  • Operation 3, Mission 47
  • Operation 3, Mission 48
  • Operation 3, Mission 49
  • Operation 3, Mission 50

Operation 4

  • Operation 4, Mission 1
  • Operation 4, Mission 2
  • Operation 4, Mission 3
  • Operation 4, Mission 4
  • Operation 4, Mission 5
  • Operation 4, Mission 6
  • Operation 4, Mission 7
  • Operation 4, Mission 8
  • Operation 4, Mission 9
  • Operation 4, Mission 10
  • Operation 4, Mission 11
  • Operation 4, Mission 12
  • Operation 4, Mission 13
  • Operation 4, Mission 14
  • Operation 4, Mission 15
  • Operation 4, Mission 16
  • Operation 4, Mission 17
  • Operation 4, Mission 18
  • Operation 4, Mission 19
  • Operation 4, Mission 20
  • Operation 4, Mission 21
  • Operation 4, Mission 22
  • Operation 4, Mission 23
  • Operation 4, Mission 24
  • Operation 4, Mission 25

Operation 5

  • Operation 5, Mission 1
  • Operation 5, Mission 2
  • Operation 5, Mission 3
  • Operation 5, Mission 4
  • Operation 5, Mission 5
  • Operation 5, Mission 6
  • Operation 5, Mission 7
  • Operation 5, Mission 8
  • Operation 5, Mission 9
  • Operation 5, Mission 10
  • Operation 5, Mission 11
  • Operation 5, Mission 12
  • Operation 5, Mission 13
  • Operation 5, Mission 14
  • Operation 5, Mission 15
  • Operation 5, Mission 16
  • Operation 5, Mission 17
  • Operation 5, Mission 18
  • Operation 5, Mission 19
  • Operation 5, Mission 20
  • Operation 5, Mission 21
  • Operation 5, Mission 22
  • Operation 5, Mission 23
  • Operation 5, Mission 24
  • Operation 5, Mission 25
  • Operation 5, Mission 26
  • Operation 5, Mission 27
  • Operation 5, Mission 28
  • Operation 5, Mission 29
  • Operation 5, Mission 30
  • Operation 5, Mission 31
  • Operation 5, Mission 32
  • Operation 5, Mission 33
  • Operation 5, Mission 34
  • Operation 5, Mission 35
  • Operation 5, Mission 36
  • Operation 5, Mission 37
  • Operation 5, Mission 38
  • Operation 5, Mission 39
  • Operation 5, Mission 40
  • Operation 5, Mission 41
  • Operation 5, Mission 42
  • Operation 5, Mission 43
  • Operation 5, Mission 44
  • Operation 5, Mission 45
  • Operation 5, Mission 46
  • Operation 5, Mission 47
  • Operation 5, Mission 48
  • Operation 5, Mission 49
  • Operation 5, Mission 50

200 Prometheus Clan Wolf
ampaign Merge missions Total!
MCG Prometheus Fullversion

StrikeThrough = Mission not released yet

MCG P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. Campaign
Operation 1 - Mission 01-33

Operation 1 - Mission 1
The Clan Invasion - Wolf Clan Campaign

Operation 1, Mission 1 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 1

Mission Objectives:
+ Find the Commando
+ Destroy the Gas Tower
+ Capture the resource bunkers / containers
+ Keep your assistant vehicle commander alive

Maximum Tonnage: 25 tons
Maximum Units: 1-(2)
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: Deploy one of your vehicles (Edgar for higher damage per time or Pegasus for maximum profit. Sell the other vehicle or keep it for (fun - useless) other purposes. I recommend to sell the other vehicle in order to save more money for a BattleMech to purchase.

Combat Phase: You made contact to a MechWarrior on the surface. He could reach some unguarded vehicles and needs your help in order to steal a BattleMech and preparing to fight the enemy on the surface. Follow the EXACT path on the tactical map in order to avoid any enemy contact until you reach the Commando that is hidden in the woods north-mid on the map. You probably need to burn down some trees before reaching the BattleMech.
As soon as you made it up to the Commando your Mech Pilot will take it's place and will be ready to clean the map. There is only low resistance in the area. But be careful - atleast you're still outnumbered by the enemy - even when one unit is harmless - the high count of single units can still become a problem. Watch your back and act carefully tactically until your force becomes stronger.
Destroy the Gas Tower in the West and capture the ressource bunkers eastside.

This mission has no time limit. For missions without time limit i recommend exploring the whole map and looking for all salvageable buildings. This will raise your income and weapon as well as equipment inventory.

Good luck, Commander!

Operation 1 - Mission 2

Operation 1, Mission 2 - Clan Wolf Campaign
MCG Prometheus: Operation 1, Mission 2

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy Inner Sphere Manor
+ Capture Ressource Warehouses (2)

Maximum Tonnage: 60 tons
Maximum Units: 2
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: After finishing the first mission successful, the MechWarrior Cleo is the first Member of your team. Cleo is a Clanner through and through. She was born in a BattleMech during battle wayback in the Clan territories - outer Rim sectors. Cleo prefers a golden Mech Paint Color Theme.

Now you should have enough ressource points for achieving the second MechWarrior Pilot, "Princess" Leya (golden MechPaint Scheme, too) is available for purchase. I decided to buy a Commando-J in order to skill jump capabilities of my warriors during the next missions. As you can see both Warriors are still Greenhorns and need more practice on the Battlefield. After refitting the Mechs with better loadouts you can deploy them and start Clan Wolf Campaign Edition - Mission 2.

Combat Phase: You located some tactical important Ressources in the area. After you made contact to the first members of your MechLance you can start to take things over now. Destroy the Inner Sphere Headquarter next to the city in order to state an example and get the salvage.

In this mission you have to be careful. There are minefields detected in the area. The center place of the area has several minefields and you have to watch out for every step your warriors take. Burn woods beneath paths in order to secure your way through the needle holes and guide enemies through mined areas following you when ambush and use the tactical advantage of causing more damage.

There are IS sensor activities in that area. You figured out two light OmniMech signals on the map. When you wanna keep you MechWarriors save it is recommended to avoid contact to many enemy mech units for the moment. You have the choice to avoid fighting the enemy mechs - or trying to compete them for more kill counts and salvaged BattleMechs. I prefer to go the harder way - even if it means i have to repeat this mission several times for an acceptable result - taking it over to Scenario 3.

Operation 1 - Mission 3

Operation 1, Mission 3 - Clan Wolf Campaign
MCG Prometheus: Operation 1, Mission 3

Mission Objectives:
+ Find Clan Wolf survivors & salvage
+ Capture IS supply base complex
+ Capture All Spare parts (Secondary)
+ Destroy all enemy units in the area

Maximum Tonnage: 65 tons
Maximum Units: 2
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: Mission 2 let you gather some good weapons for the next. I decided to buy an Uller-J for the second Mech purchase. The salvaged Commando and Firestarter from Mission two come in handy. I use the refit Firestarter-A and an Uller-J. Start mission after you refitted you Mechs and deployed them on the tactical logistics screen.

Combat Phase: You located a distress call from that Area. Hera, another "golden" Clan Wolf MechWarrior had a hard landing on the surface. Her BattleMech is damaged and she needs assistance. And you need HER assistance for completing your mission objectives. Task is to conquer the base cause this area has tactical advantages. It's an island and hard to conquer. We can use some salvaged OmniTech Fighters for transporting several units to base complexes around the region. We have located some BattleMech producing facilities next to that place and being in control will secure our equipment and BattleMech inventory in the future missions.

Stay at the west side of the map. Discover the map straight heading for north. The distress call comes from a wood north-west/mid. You although located a refit-truck in the woods. It's on your way west center of the map. Try to get the refit-truck in order to repair your Mechs during combat.

Hint: In order to get a mission-gift unit on the battlefield in mission you need to be next to the certain unit on a low range with all your units. When you find the Vehicle and BattleMech on this map get close to it. The new units will join your lance then.

Operation 1 - Mission 4

Operation 1, Mission 4 - Clan Wolf Campaign
MCG Prometheus: Operation 1, Mission 4

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy Inner Sphere Headquarters
+ Destroy Hyperpulse Generator
+ Capture Sensor & Turret Controls
+ Destroy all hostile forces

Maximum Tonnage: 70 tons
Maximum Units: 2
Air Support: 2 Small Artillery Strikes, 1 Sensor Probe & 1 Camera Drone

Logistic Phase: A new MechWarrior - Hera - joined our little Wolf Clan Star. Hera is another "Golden" MechPaintScheme warrior. Cleo got injured during the first missions in my walkthrough. After salvaging some more BattleMechs in Mission 3 i choose my new Cougar and a salvaged Raven for the fourth mission. The perfect choice for a 70tons loadout.

Combat Phase: You located another distress call from the area that was intended to be attacked in the next step. When there is another Clan BattleMech - take the guts and take the MechWarrior into your team. When this is a trap - destroy all enemy units - like intended. We need to control this area. The civilian forces will probably immediately surrender and following IKhan's leadership - producing goods for our forces and supporting us during Clan invasion.
The distress call was located in the south-east area. This terrain should be already revealed. It is recommended to use a jump-capable mech in this mission in order to reach hidden or higher grounds for discovering / revealing the map area.
There is a MechBay in the south-east. I recommend repairing BattleMechs between smaller battles in order not to loose too much armor or equipment.
In addition there is a mobile headquarter located in the area. Secure the area around the mobile HQ and you will have better tactical advantages for bigger lances in the future.

Hints: In order to skill your MechWarriors effective, you need to know how they get more experience on certain skills. Well, here it is:
Gunnery: Shooting & hitting objects and enemy units
Piloting: Moving around, following paths & waypoints
Jumping: Just jump several times on any map, jump skill will rise
Sensors: Using ECM & Active Probes as well, as getting "new (enemy) contacts on radar"

Operation 1 - Mission 5

Operation 1, Mission 5 - Clan Wolf Campaign
MCG Prometheus: Operation 1, Mission 5

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy Inner Sphere Spy Headquarters (Support Building)
+ Capture the IS Underground Laboratory
+ Deliver all units to Extraction Marker

Maximum Tonnage: 90 tons
Maximum Units: 3
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: This is the first mission, where you can deploy three BattleMechs in MCG Prometheus. In the Darkest Hours Version you started on this state with Mission 1. So here we are: Mission 5 of Prometheus and you have the same strength Harrison has when he starts the Counter-Invasion. Your little Clan Lance has new orders from Clan Command. Hawk joined the team in the last mission. Deploy your loadout of comfortable 90tons and start your mission!

Combat Phase: Clan Wolf MechWarrior ISIS sent a lifesign. After her lance was spread around the planet surface she could escape from being hunted by using a Hunchback. Your lance will be deployed in the area around Isis. She will join your team at mission start. Your MechWarriors will although get two support vehicles. An Ammo-truck for reloading ammunition and a refit-truck in order to establish field repairs.
This mission contains several enemy BattleMech units and we have sensor signs from a stolen Timberwolf in the north. When you feel strong enough try to salvage this Mad-Cat. You probably will need it in the following combats.
When you would like to have an easy going... - leave the Mad-Cat aside. It is your choice how you will finish this mission. I recommend always salvaging anything that any map offers. It's my playstyle and i love it!

Operation 1 - Mission 6:

Operation 1, Mission 6 - Clan Wolf Campaign
MCG Prometheus: Operation 1, Mission 6

Mission Objectives
+ Defend Clan Command Center & Sensor Control
+ Defend Auxiliary Power Supplies & Turrets
+ Protect Main HQ buildings
+ Kill all enemy forces in the area!

Maximum Tonnage: 185 tons
Maximum Units: 6 (two lances)
Air Support: 2 Small Artillery Strikes, 1 Large Artillery Strike & 2 Camera Drones

Logistic Phase: This is the first "defend the base" mission. The complex we conquered in Op1Mis3 is under heavy enemy attack. We need to defend our current HQ. Your task is to defend the complex, our supply vehicles and area control. Deploy the strongest Lances you can bring up and begin mission!

Combat Phase: Clan Wolf needs to defend it's new base. There is heavy resistance coming up. Defend your objectives and hurry up - we are under attack, there is no time for further instructions!

Update note: This mission got a hotfix update. Download the latest MCG Prometheus Update for playing this mission with the correct working second objective (protecting the Mobile HQ).

Operation 1 - Mission 7:

Operation 1, Mission 7 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 7

Mission Objectives
+ Capture the Command Station next to MechBay
+ Capture Component Warehouses
+ Move your lance to rendevous point four
+ Destroy IS SRM Vehicle Garnison (Secondary)

Maximum Tonnage: 160 tons
Maximum Units: 4 (one lance)
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: After the first "Base Defense" Mission you got contact to Wolf Command. Since days of silence life seems to refill the wreck you are in - in space. Some days and weeks passes and you establish your new headquarter on the surface. Other Clan MechWarriors come to the area complex and are available for hiring. Have a look into the purchase logistics. The salvage out of the last missions efforts us with a comfortable amount of BattleMechs and Weapons to choose from in order to upgrade our lances before continuing the battle. In this mission the deployment of the first medium or heavy mech is recommend - as it offers enough loadout to deploy a single heavy mech with three other BattleMechs for a quattro lance on the battlefield. This mission will be seek-&-destroy - so prepare your team with some stronger weapons and loadouts.

Combat Phase: Honorable Wolf Commander,

Clan Wolf managed to initiate the Invasion for Clan Ghost Bear on Elissa IX under heavy bad circumstances. Since the Clanners began the invasion we have got not that much resistance. After establishing some powerful lances and reforming them on the surface we can go over hunting Inner Sphere forces down now. Our natural superiority on the battlefield will lead us to victory.

After being dropped in the area guide your lance directly through the region in order to eliminate all IS forces and salvage all goods. The Inner Sphere has stolen Clan Inventory from our abandoned dropships and do wreck-looting. We have to gain back ALL weapons - and of course taking theirs as a plus.

Their is a convoy waiting Eastside. They should have the power to clean the area - but could get into trouble. For that reason your lance is although ordered to rendevous with the convoy and guide him to our HQ later.

Thanks to you and your team! Without your previous missions we wouldn't be in that position now. IS forces are strong on this planet. But with more MechCommanders and MechWarriors like you and your team we can still turn the leaf and start the Invasion by conquering this planet on our own. Legends will be told to our Grandchildren when we go on like this. Clan Wolf owes you and your team a cold one - but no time to rest. Get your team prepared - we are going to take action now!

Good luck Clan Wolf Commander!

Operation 1 - Mission 8:

Operation 1, Mission 8 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 8

Mission Objectives
+ Capture the camp headquarters
+ Deliver all units to drop marker two

Maximum Tonnage: 90 tons
Maximum Units: 3
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: Last mission was a blast! Good work Commander!
Now let's begin capturing the coast lines. Your Lance has been ordered to gain control of the whole continent. Other forces are fighting for the other continents on Elissa IX. Your duty is to guard the region with light forces - gathering, conquering and figuring out more about IS motives on Elissa is the task for this mission.
Two new warriors are available and you have a comfortable broadband of gear for purchase in order to get prepared for the battle.

Combat Phase: This is a 'conquer & escape mission. Form a lance, guard the area and complete the mission objective. We have detected multiple IS sensor signals in the area. Conquer the HQ, gather information and head to the extraction marker. There is no need to be the hero.
When we have the information we need we can plan to clean the area. At the moment it is better to stay in shadows & hiding our true strength a bit.

The Clan Wolf Command needs all tactical information you can gather from this place. We detected several transmissions directed to that area. It is important to find out what plans the Inner Sphere have on Elissa in order to keep them from achieving their goals.

For the ilKhan! (Khan of the Khans)

Operation 1 - Mission 9:

Operation 1, Mission 9 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 9

Mission Objectives
+ Capture the IS headquarters
+ Destroy Inner Sphere's military factory and its guards

Maximum Tonnage: 120 tons
Maximum Units: 4
Air Support: 1 Sensor Probe

Logistic Phase: Deploy one more unit and go on. The next area is waiting to be revealed.

Combat Phase: You have to expect medium resistance on this map. Prior the mission objectives and avoid serious damage do tue too many weapon conflicts. We still need to gather more information in order to prepare our next steps.

Clan Wolf Command, over and out!

Operation 1 - Mission 10:

Operation 1, Mission 10 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 10

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy the Inner-Sphere HeadQuarter
+ Destroy the bridge and its guards
+ Return to drop zone

Maximum Tonnage: 150 tons
Maximum Units: 4
Air Support: 2 Small Artillery, 1 Sensor Probe

Logistic Phase: 30tons dropweight more? Time for placing two medium mechs for the lance. Two Shadowcat BattleMechs could perfectly fit in with two Uller Mechs for example. Atleast it is your choice, Clan Commander!

Combat Phase: You have to expect medium resistance on this map. Prior the mission objectives and avoid serious damage do tue too many weapon conflicts. We still need to gather more information in order to prepare our next steps. When the bridge gets destroyed, the mission objective triggers in - you don't need to take the damage by killing all enemies. Important is that we cut them off from support routes and take over more infrastructure now. We need to stop the mass weapon production on Elissa IX in order to stay superior during Clan Invasion.

Operation 1 - Mission 11:

Operation 1, Mission 11 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 11

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy local mining facilities
+ Remove the traitor
+ Hunt down the IS dregs in this sector and destroy their headquarters and orbital gun.
+ Move to the extraction point

Maximum Tonnage: 150 tons
Maximum Units: 4
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: Slowly you should be experienced enough to handle this deployment!

Combat Phase: This is a desert industrial area. There are civilian workers and enemy forces expected. This mission implies our invasion actions on the sub continent. We will destroy those facilities and then prepare our Forces to conquer the landmass.

Operation 1 - Mission 12:

Operation 1, Mission 12 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 12

Mission Objectives:
+ Secure all IS components on the battlefield
+ Destroy Main Power from IS basement
+ Kill all enemies!

Maximum Tonnage: 110 tons
Maximum Units: 2
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: You're still alive Commander,
good work! In the following mission we advice you to deploy some JumpMechs in order to reach another MechWarrior on the battlefield before taking action in the area.

Combat Phase: Save Rooster! One of our cadets who got missed sent a distress call from a small island about 200km away from our Main HQ. Rooster could escape, steal a Centurion W and managed to damage the military prison with explosives.
The bad news is that Rooster's BattleMech is heavily damaged. Your task is to reach the position of the MechWarrior (hiding in the south), strengthen your team and then taking over the base. We need more informations about current IS activities, the salvage out of their inventories and of course - clean the area from all enemies and take ALL salvage!

Operation 1 - Mission 13:

Operation 1, Mission 13 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 13

Mission Objectives
+ Get to the extraction point

Maximum Tonnage: 250 tons
Maximum Units: 6
Air Support: 3 Small Artillery Strikes, 1 Large Strike, 1 Sensor Probe & 1 Camera Drone

Logistic Phase: Deploy a stronger medium Mech lance. In this mission you should prefer armored BattleMechs cause we've located stronger resistance.

Combat Phase: Cross the terrain and locate the targets for our bombardement. As soon you reach the extraction marker we will start to airstrike the targets you revealed. A heavy Inner Sphere supply & reinforcement convoy is on it's way crossing that area.
We are preparing a trap for those supplies. The IS guards this area with strong forces but we will erradicate them and deploy a force in order to intercept the convoy. But in the first place we need to prepare... - send your MechWarriors out and wait for orders after you reached the mission objective marker.

Operation 1 - Mission 14:

Operation 1, Mission 14 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 14

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy Ordnance trucks I (3)
+ Destroy Ordnance trucks II (3)
+ Destroy Fuel & Ordnance trucks III (3)
+ Destroy Ammo Trucks (3)
+ Destroy Elemental carriers (3)
+ Capture Salvage Rigs I (3)
+ Capture Salvage Rigs II (3)
+ Capture Mobile Inner-Sphere HQ (1)

Maximum Tonnage: 265 tons
Maximum Units: 6 (two lances)
Air Support: 1 Camera Drone

Logistic Phase: Deploy the best units you can. We still have not enough fuel and goods to achieve more loadout. You are limited due to our ressources. A mix of very light and heavy mechs should guide you through that mission. When you are succesful - we might have the fuel and supplies we need in order to fully get control over this part of the continent.

Combat Phase: You start with two lances. Lance one from the previous mission will wait in the conquered main base south-west. Your second lance will reinforce your Mechs on the battlefield on the north-east side of the area. Head for north and cross the river in order to achieve control of the path the convoy will take. We could put the area in flames and most of the IS resistance got eliminated.
A small force re-established a tactical position as checkpoint for the convoy. The convoy expects friendly units on the other side of his path. The Clan Command has no doubt that you and your MechWarriors will teach them better.
For the importance of the mission you will get additional vehicles as reinforcement on the Battlefield. The refit- & ammotruck wait at the north-west hill for you to take over control of the area. Head for this place first in order to reveal the area by using the hill and get reinforced with another BattleMech. As soon the convoy arrives: Time to say: Goodbye!

The refittruck isn't ready yet, but the MineLayer will be activated until you take sensor control online. The Refit-Truck will probably join later during battle when our civilian technicians can make it work.

Operation 1 - Mission 15:

Operation 1, Mission 15 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 15

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy 2 of 3 processing factories
+ Destroy the IS base headquarters
+ Capture components (2)
+ Destroy 3 processing plants (Secondary)

Maximum Tonnage: 240 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 1 Large Artillery Strike, 2 Sensor Probes

Logistic Phase: Deploy a light / medium squad with up to eight units.

Combat Phase: This is a simple "seek & destroy" mission. Take the inventory from IS forces and clean the area!

Operation 1 - Mission 16:

Operation 1, Mission 16 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 16

Mission Objectives
+ Protect Clan headquarter Alpha
+ Protect Clan headquarter Beta
+ Protect Turret Control (Secondary)

Maximum Tonnage: 325 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 2 SmallArtillery & 1 Large Artillery Strike

Logistic Phase: In this mission you have to reinforce one of our civilian allies in the new controlled regions. One of our scouts was shot down - he went into a hornet hive. Actually the Inner Sphere starts a major attack on our allies.
Deploy your best MechWarriors and create a well balanced lance that is fast and has some impressive DPS power.

Combat Phase: In this mission you are attacked by several waves of enemy forces. The Turret Control in the center of the map can be lost - but we HAVE to defend the support buildings at all costs

We dont tell you lies when we say that this will be one of your hardest missions so far. Clan Wolf Command is aware of the fact you dislike defending objects - that's not what Clanners do - but in this case, this is exactly what we do. Civilians will see that the Clans are good people and that sign will direct the riots on this continent in our interest.

The first two waves are coming from north and east. From the north you have to expect some Edgar units heading for the turret control and several long range launchers heading for the HQs. From the east several commando / firestalker units where located heading for the turret controls.
The next waves come straight from south-west. Several tanks and vehicles plus light mechs and stolen Clan Mechs heading for Alpha HQ.
There will come more waves. We have an enormous amount of enemy sensor signs heading after the first waves. Stay fierce, that's an order!

RizZ's note: This mission gets additional dropweight from 240 up to 325tons. After the release i have got several reports that this mission is way too hard. Therefore i replayed it several times and gave it +85tons dropweight. This way anyone should be able to finish the mission sucessful. I won't change the gameplay of that mission anymore. The offense is overwhelming, yes - but after several attempts even this mission can be mastered without serious issues. As soon you know what enemy joins the party at what moment - you know exactly what to do. Good luck, commander!

Operation 1 - Mission 17:

Operation 1, Mission 17 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 17

Mission Objectives
+ Capture the mobile HQ
+ Destroy the administrative center of the Inner Sphere and the Guard

Maximum Tonnage: 465 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 1 SmallArtillery, 1 Large Artillery Strike & 3 Sensor Probes

Logistic Phase: This time you have the freedom to place twelve mechs, three lances with 465 tons dropweight. You will find a solution!

Combat Phase: The next reinforcement & supply convoy is next to your landing zone. You will be dropped in a safe area but around you we located a massive enemy force. Signals are almost everywhere and you have the hard task to cross the city somehow in order to destroy the guards and capture the trucks.
This, again will be no easy mission. But Clan Wolf Command counts on you!

Operation 1 - Mission 18:

Operation 1, Mission 18 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 18

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy Omnifighter Hangars and Air Control Center
+ Destroy Lieutenant McMurten's Jagermech

Maximum Tonnage: 335 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 1 SmallArtillery & 2 Sensor Probes

Logistic Phase: Deploy the best you can, we are limited on fuel - still - but 335t dropweight should be enough, to reach your mission objectives!

Combat Phase: Along the banks of the northern Johnson River, the Davion Guards have established a full scale Omnifighter airfield. This airfield was the source of airstrikes during the recovery of Rooster's Cougar.

Clan Command is advancing toward the Yuma Industrial Zone, where bonded Captain James Harrison is in command of IS defenses. Intelligence has no doubt he will call on this base for Omnifighter support if attacked in Yuma.

Clan Wolf tactical analysis gives the Inner Sphere bastards a decisive tactical edge in Yuma with this facility operational. However, if it is knocked out, Clan Wolf will be on even footing with the defenders. Captain Ward realizes this as well, and he is moving up one of his best Wolves with escort to reinforce the airfield. Expect another MechWarrior joining your lance with a cougar in this mission.

We need this airfield disabled as soon as possible. If you hurry, you can probably make it there before the reinforcements arrive. Lieutenant McMurten will likely be approaching from the southwest, passing through a small outpost on the south bank of the river.

This mission is a seek-&-destroy mission. Complete the mission objectives and get paid! You learned good tactics in the past - execute them again. Long live ilKhan!

Operation 1 - Mission 19:

Operation 1, Mission 19 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 19

Mission Objectives
+ Prevent all enemy units from reaching the southeast pass
+ Destroy all enemy units

Maximum Tonnage: 330 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 2 Sensor Probes

Logistic Phase: Same procedure as last time - but with 330t dropweight. You can do this! Your MechWarriors performing best!

Combat Phase: Honorable Clan Wolf MechCommander,
we received another distress call. This time a MechWarrior got into trouble on his way back to our territory. Rebel comes with a dark mech design and will reinforce your units when you can get her out of this mess alive. We are sad to say that our fuel supply problems got worse. The region you are directed to now coincidentially contains some supplies. This may enlarge our capacities for offense soon.

Your job is to rendevous the pilot and clean the area from enemy forces. They don't calculate with any resistance. You should probably blow up some bridges in order to make enemies stuck or taking longer ways. When the enemy reaches the extraction marker southwest they will most likely cross the area and attack one of our facilities. We need to stop them from killing our MechWarrior and crossing the area. Kill'em all!

Operation 1 - Mission 20:

Operation 1, Mission 20 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 20

Mission Objectives
+ Capture the Relay Station to rescue a Clan Wolf MechWarrior from military prison
+ Destroy Enemy Occupation Forces

Maximum Tonnage: 330 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 2 Small Artillery Strikes & 1 Sensor Probe

Logistic Phase: Your team is already out there! Establish a com-link and guide them to victory!

Combat Phase: Clan Wolf MechCommander,
Rebel just reported that there was another comrade in prison, but Inner Sphere bastards took him to another military complex. Rebel told us he hides a private transceiver but can not send any messages. Your order is to go to that area, rescue our pilot from the relay station - when he made it through it - he tries to cause some trouble to give us an easy entry. But be warned, there are several heavy & assault Mechs located at the base.
And as if it where not enough - we located strong and numerous sensor signals from the north. It seems as if the military base gets reinforced. You have to be fast in order to escape from the reinforcement, otherwise they probably overwhelm your forces.
Good luck, MechCommander!

Operation 1 - Mission 21:

Operation 1, Mission 21 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 21

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy Main Power for Turrets along front wall
+ Destroy all Sensor Towers in the area

Maximum Tonnage: 385 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 2 Sensor Probe

Logistic Phase: MechWarriors you saved from prison in the previous missions should be available for purchase now. We have another rescue request from an area we planned to invade anyways. Deploy your team (this time with additional tonnage) and go for the mission objectives!

Combat Phase: Clan Wolf Command received another distress call from an area that soon will be under heavy air attacks. Your mission is to destroy the Sensor Towers in the area to give Davion Guards some blind eyed.
In phasis two of the mission you will destroy the Inner Sphere military base Main Power in order to disarm the complex.
Minimum ONE jumpmech is required in order to save the Clan Wolf MechWarrior that hides in the north-east beneath some salvage containers. Take the salvage, reinforce your team and stay alive, Clan Wolf needs you!

Operation 1 - Mission 22:

Operation 1, Mission 22 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 22

Mission Objectives
+ Capture Underground Bunkers (2)
+ Move to Extraction Marker
+ Kill all enemies (Secondary)
+ Capture IS Sensor Control (Secondary)

Maximum Tonnage: 415 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 2 Small Artillery Strikes, 1 Large Artillery Strike

Logistic Phase: We are allowed to take over 400 tons dropweight now. Finally you can take the one or other Very Heavy or Assault Mech into your lines. You will probably need them most, later...

Combat Phase: Clan Wolf MechCommander,
our offensive is in full action. Your duty is to capture some prototype equipment from the Inner Sphere shelters. Take care for your MechWarriors, this place contains a heavy amount of enemy forces. Sensor signals show a wide broadband of resistance in the region. That's why you are chosen to clean it up and guarantee us more industrial production power for the ongoing Invasion on Elissa IX.

Operation 1 - Mission 23:

Operation 1, Mission 23 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 23

Mission Objectives
+ Capture Enemy Container Stacks (3)
+ Capture Enemy Command Station

Maximum Tonnage: 420 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: Your squad will remain in those conditions for offense in the first place. Clan Command was really impressed how you managed to get control for most of the fuel we found in the area where your last mission took part. Thx to god you left some tanks unexploded. Our supplies are still a problem - but atleast we can maintain and the fuel you gathered will help another Clan Force on a continent at the southern hemisphere of the planet. Deploy your Lances and get your MechWarriors outta there!

Combat Phase: Finally it is time to finish all remaining enemy forces on this planetary sub-continent. In the first step you will take over another Inner Sphere base complex in the center of the region. This is a heavy protected place. Keep your units secure and find a way to achieve your mission objectives.
Clan Command, over and out...

Operation 1 - Mission 24:

Operation 1, Mission 24 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 24

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy Enemy HeadQuarters
+ Capture Enemy Data Center
+ Capture Northern Base MechBay with APC and rescue pilot
+ Gain Northern Base Control (capture three Control buildings)

Maximum Tonnage: 430 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 1 Small Artillery Strike & 1 Sensor Probe

Logistic Phase: Assign a "rescue" and "assault" force. With 430t drop weight limit you have the best options compared to all previous duties. Our purchase supplies are quite comfortable right now, have a look for our brand-new Nova-Cat 'BattleMech units.

Combat Phase: Glad to see you, Wolf Commander!

We have a bigger issue on one of our Outposts. The IS-rats have discovered our secret location and coming next to our northern base direction with a strong tank battlalion. Most of the base personal got evacuated and a MechWarrior named Michawn was assigned to guard the place.
Unfortunately she got attacked by some scout units that belonged to the attacking Davion Guards. She could manage to take them out, but her Thor got seriously damaged and she is stucked next to the Mech Repairbay. Your prior mission objective is to escort an APC transport unit to the Repair Bay. The technicians and spare parts on board should ensure the re-activation of Michawn's BattleMech just in time before the major attack forces arrive.
Withstand the attack and then immediately start the Counter-Attack in order to clean this area from all IS forces. Michawn comes in a golden but black and white shaped BattleMech paint scheme.
Keep in mind that between your lances and the northern base sensor signs of another attacking IS force where detected - heading the for the base from the east side. In order to get to the base in time - destroy the reinforcement for the main attacking force first before being able to reach the base. Order your MechWarriors to go straight to left / west direction after the touched the surface!

Watch your back, Comander... - good luck! May ilKhan be with you!

Operation 1 - Mission 25:

Operation 1, Mission 25 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 25

Mission Objectives
+ Reach the extraction point (Primary)
+ Capture Crate Group I (3)
+ Capture Crate Group (3)

Maximum Tonnage: 485 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: - none -

Logistic Phase: You will know what is to command!

Combat Phase: Two of your Mech Lances had a hard emergency landing during a troop transport to our base at the center continent.%n
Now MechCommander, all you should try to do is regroup. The second lance is directly due south of your position at the crash site, but the terrain is pretty tough around here. Besides the obvious, we are still a little short on info at this time. Your MechWarriors are pretty much on Their own Mechcommander. Wolve's Tactical Command out.........(end of transmission)

Operation 1 - Mission 26:

Operation 1, Mission 26 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 26

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy IS Mech factories & MechRepair facilities

Maximum Tonnage: 515 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 4 Small Artillery Strikes, 2 Large Artillery Strikes

Personal Log: "Clan Command ordered a massive attack wave within the next hours. We will be deployed in the region to gain industrial control in the center continental region.%n
Finally my MechBay reaches the state it should have in the first place at start of our invasion on Elissa IX. We managed to take back as many Clan material back into our lines. My established MechWarriors are hungry for more fights. The motivation these days - to push back the Inner Sphere totally out of this planet - has rizen."

Logistic Phase: You will know what is to command! - For this mission you've got impressive 515 tons drop weight limit. Thats absolutely supreme, Commander!

Combat Phase: Clan Command: "Our tactical ops located a giant IS BattleMech facility. Take it out and punish all rebels and resistance forces. Now Wolves show Davion Guards how winning a war looks like!"

Operation 1 - Mission 27:

Operation 1, Mission 27 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 27

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy IS Orbital Gun Facilities, all of them!

Maximum Tonnage: 500 tons
Maximum Units: 8 (two lances)
Air Support: 5 Small Artillery Strikes, 3 Large Artillery Strikes, 1 Sensor Probe & 1 Camera Drone

Logistic Phase: 500 tons dropweight for the next mission. When you recognize the sensor datas - still not enough...

Combat Phase: Clan Wolf Commander,
we found the Inner-Sphere central continental orbital defense environment. Do all Clanners a favour and destroy all those complexes. We are awaiting - finally - two jumpships that will enter the orbit around Elissa IX in the next two hours. One jumpship from Clan Wolf - and one jumpship from Clan Ghost Bear will reinforce our barely existent one from this moment on. There are plans to leave this jumpship in the orbit - it's just a powered debris - anyways.
You have to expect a massive resistance - enemy forces are all over that place and the infrastructure has fully functioning automated- defense turrets.
Never mind... - destroy anything out there. We and two jumpship Admirals are counting on you. I bet you won't disappoint them!
Hail ilKhan!

Operation 1 - Mission 28:

Operation 1, Mission 28 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 28

Mission Objectives
+ Capture the IS Mission Control builting & Data Center
+ Capture IS Air Control Towers that control dropship pads

Maximum Tonnage: 770 tons
Maximum Units: 12 (full three lances!)
Air Support: 4 Small Artillery Strikes, 3 Large Artillery Strikes, 1 Sensor Probe & 1 Camera Drone

Logistic Phase: 770 tons dropweight, no chances to win this - you will make it through!

Combat Phase: Clan Wolf Commander,
it is time to release the Kraken. Our Jumpships just arrived in orbit around Elissa IX. We've told Clan Ghost Bear they can use those dropship pads in order for secure landing on the surface and to send reinforcements to other continents from our new main base.
We thought you and your MechWarriors would have been faster in the previous missions. Now there is no time anymore. You have to bring your full force down to the Battlefield. Clear the area from IS presence and take over control of the main base complex. As soon we have conquered the region, this continent will be completely in our hands. We just ordered our troops from the base HQ to prepare moving to this place.
We need this base complex. Not only for the war, but to beware our faces in front of Clan Ghost Bear. Imagine they will find out we lied to them in the first place when they touch the surface under heavy fire. You HAVE to beware us from this painful situation.
Once you finished the mission, your 'star lance' will be transfered to a base complex 15 kilometers away from the starport - a strategic key checkpoint for our new main base location. You will wait for orders there.

Good luck, Wolf Commander!

Operation 1 - Mission 29:

Operation 1, Mission 29 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 29

Mission Objectives
+ Capture the secret Davion/Steiner Data Centers
+ Move to the extraction point

Maximum Tonnage: 335 tons
Maximum Units: 8
Air Support: 3 Small Artillery Strikes & 2 Sensor Probes

Logistic Phase: This is a mission with a simple data mining objective - 335tons dropweight and a scout lance should be enough for it.

Combat Phase: Clan Wolf Intelligence found out that Davion and Steiner forces not only started a mass production of weapons, BattleMechs & Tanks on Elissa IX, but although they worked on plans for a superior battle-/jumpship. The information we already got told us that they have built a massive space dock in the Elissa system for it. Clan Wolf is already scanning for any matching objects in the star system. While we are searching you have to enter those IS data centers and extract all necessary informations and datas from their local area network. When there is a jumpship waiting for us in this system, Clan Command wanna know it!

Operation 1 - Mission 30:

Operation 1, Mission 30 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 30

Mission Objectives
+ Defend the base HQ complex

Maximum Tonnage: 810 tons
Maximum Units: 12
Air Support: 3 Small Artillery Strikes, 1 Large Artillery Strike & 2 Sensor Probes

Logistic Phase: You have to put everything you've got in the balance now. Our outpost is under major attack!

Combat Phase: Your last mission was a complete success. We found out that the IS forces really planned to build a strong jumpship. Or to be exact: They are trying to refit an ancient one from the lostech era.

Now they started a hunt on you! All remaining IS forces on the continent seem to move to your current position. Protect the HQ and Data Centers! Allied units will stay at your side - so you won't be alone, this time!

May you experience the next day with us? Common!

Operation 1 - Mission 31:

Operation 1, Mission 31 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 31

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy all Enemy Forces

Maximum Tonnage: 880 tons
Maximum Units: 12
Air Support: 5 Small Artillery Strikes & 1 Sensor Probe

Logistic Phase: You have to put everything you've got in the balance again!

Combat Phase: After Davion Guards realized they f*ck*d up the major attack - the remaining battalions fled into the badlands. They think the sand will slow us down and we will break up demoted. Opposite: You will teach them better and erase them from this continent - once and for all!

Operation 1 - Mission 32:

Operation 1, Mission 32 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 32

Mission Objectives
+ Destroy the IS base to the north east
+ Destroy the IS HeadQuarters, Administration office & Hyperpulse Generator
+ Get to the extraction marker

Maximum Tonnage: 850 tons
Maximum Units: 12
Air Support: 3 Small Artillery Strikes, 1 Large Artillery Strike & 2 Camera Drones

Logistic Phase: One more major attack and this continent is ours! 850 tons dropweight & give it a go!

Combat Phase: One last Inner Sphere battalion is left on our landmasses. It's one of the major base complexes we intended to screw up when invasion would took have the direction we directed to in the first place. Take out this little crack hole, over and out!

Operation 1 - Mission 33:

Operation 1, Mission 33 - Clan Wolf Campaign
Clan Wolf Campaign Edition: Operation 1, Mission 33

Mission Objectives
+ Capture HPG building
+ Destroy Air Control Tower
+ Get to the extraction marker
+ Destroy Main Power Generator

Maximum Tonnage: 35 tons
Maximum Units: 1
Air Support: 2 Small Artillery Strikes, 1 Large Artillery Strike & 2 Sensor Probes

Logistic Phase: This is a special Clan Wolf Intelligence Secret Ops Mission. You have to choose a very light scout unit for this duty - 35 tons limit!

Combat Phase: Dear Clan Wolf Commander,
we already had the oppurtunity to talk during the previous missions via PM box. I'm glad you made it through and could establish our superiosity on Elissa IX. It's a shame that one of our Stars was heavily reduced in numbers on the southern hemisphere of Elissa. That's why you are under my personal command now!
You have proven as a Wolf MechCommander with extraordinary skills and MechWarriors. You are pretty much famous on Clanners side of the war now. And that's why i decided to promote you to the rank of a Star Captain.
Extraordinary force efforts extraordinary duties!

Natasha Kerensky out...

Congratulations, you played through all Prometheus demo content!

You can expect NEW Clanmission content for the eastern 2021 full version update. The mission content above is already implemented and part of the latest version built for MechCommander Gold - Prometheus.

Finally this campaign will contain 200 missions total. The development to-do list and plans are to finish Operation 1 one with the Eastern release. X-Mas 2021 you may expect the release of the whole second Operation then. With my current spare time and effort to mod this game further you can expect the final release of the end product: MCG Prometheus fullversion Clan Edition - around 2024/25.
You see, there is still quite alot content to implement into the game. 167 additional scenarios for the first campaign - and still a free slot for another Expansion campaign that although will come - will follow in the next months and years.

Thank you for all your feedback, appreciation and patience over the years, i would have never been gone so far without the great BattleTech community and its honorable members.


Left to say: I don't let the game end abrupt with the end of the new Clan Missions. Normally a common standard campaign is over now - but i call it demo cause i attempt to create the biggest campaign, that ever existed on MechCommander. Therefore the players of MCG Prometheus have the benefit being thrown into the Darkest Hours campaign merge after the last official Clan Mission that was released. Your savegames will always be compatible to all following updates. And in the time between you can extend your playing fun while enjoying some more Darkest Hours content.
Same counts for the initial Expansion campaign slot in Prometheus - you will be playing the Darkest Hours Expansion in Clan style menu before new Clanner story is released and although this campaign will be overriden by new mission content.

I hope you enjoy my labour of love! Have fun, that's an order!

(c) by RizZen (12/25/2020)

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