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Motherland Calls introduces numerous gameplay changes. Here is a complete list of them:

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  • Units have correct armor values (armor sloping is taken into account).
  • Weapons have set proper armor-piercing values (calculation with range at 500 m / 90°).
  • Unarmored units (trucks) are no more destroyable by light weapons (such as rifles etc.).
  • Acoustic circles revealing firing artillery don't exist any more (with the exception of mobile heavy rocket launchers) - enemy artillery batteries have to be revealed by reconnaissance. This allows both you and the enemy to use the long-range artillery guns as an effective support all the time. To balance this, accuracy of every long-range artillery weapon was significantly decreased to ensure that it will remain as only a supportive weapon and not the main and the only one.
  • Tanks can now be immobilized by gun hit (but not too often to keep the playability).
  • Airplanes are not so vulnerable to anti-aircraft batteries, which makes air support being finally a useful support. However, you must still fight for the air superiority against the enemy fighter planes.
  • More than 100 new units.
  • New system of squads (Rifle, Panzergrenadier, Militia, Volkssturm, Motorized, Jäger, Ski, HMG, AT, SMG, Volksgrenadier) combined with the year-pattern of their composition.
  • More historically proper names for each unit.
  • Units has different fire ranges according to their types (so e.g. SP ATs have significantly longer fire range than light tanks etc.).
  • Sight ranges and sight power of units are also differentiated according to the weapon types (this e.g. allows tanks to spot enemy tanks still pretty easily but much harder to spot enemy infantrymen, so they require infantry support to use their full potential).
  • Resupply and repair take more time to be done.
  • Buildings are harder to be destroyed by direct fire (which makes them being stronger defensive points) and every building has more distinctly graduated wall thickness according to its type (material which these are made of is taken into account).
  • Shooting frequency of all units is completely redesigned, so a timespan between two shots now reflects the time needed for reload. Together with a reduced accuracy (values are differentiated according to weapon types) and more realistic time values for movement and rotation, this allows you more effective ground-reconnaissance and also being able to outmaneuver the enemy in more thrilling battles.
  • Infantry now plays much more important role than before. The soldiers are capable to survive longer and therefore are finally the useful units on the battlefield. For balancing purposes, most of the infantry AT capability is now organized into independent AT teams (as separate squads). Again, this is introduced to more stress the need for mutual support of all weapon types (especially tanks and infantry).
  • Combat inside buildings is not so quick any more.
  • Bridges can withstand more damage.
  • There is a new type of bridge available - the pontoon bridge, which is fully functional as a build-able bridge.
  • Rivers can be crossed also via fords.
  • AI is more careful when supplying and reinforcing.
  • AI units help each other in the defence more effectively.
  • A brand new intermission interface (adapted to be compatible with standard Blitzkrieg UI as well as with Stalingrad UI, however Stalingrad UI is recommended).
  • Sniper is now more vulnerable.
  • Tracks stay longer on the battlefield, which allows to track-down units' movements.
  • Wrecks stay longer on the battlefield as well.
  • Digging in takes longer, which makes the tactics of digging-in a unit in attack useless.
  • Anti-personnel mines are more effective.
  • Each unit carries correct amount of ammo (artillery guns have reduced amount in order to stress the need for effective supply chains).
  • Corrected Russian acks for the lend-lease Jeep.
  • New medals.
  • New system of ranking (you won't be promoted to a higher rank for certain points gained for killing but only when it will be recognized by the general staff).
  • Modified parameters for easy and hard levels of difficulty.
  • Bug of PzKpfw 38(t) being swapped for PzKpfw IV Ausf. G when playing under Rolling Thunder has been fixed.
  • New sound for the projectile ricochet to resonate more metal-like.
  • Weather variability is not so frequent and when it's raining or snowing, it takes longer (therefore you can use it as an effective cover against enemy air superiority).
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