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adds the modules function to speed the building up. new english translation, bugfixes and more.

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Update to version 1.316

The new Modules function allows you to insert and connect groups of prefabs (see video)
you can already chose from 21 finished Modules and combine them.

- New english translation. (thx to Mr Newmann)

- If you copy and paste, or load constructions, or insert modules, then level specific limitations to prefabs and the construction area is adhered to.

- saved constructions can now be shared. Put a save file into the "saves-constructions" folder and it will be listed within the game.

- At levelstart you can see now how much credits you need to have left to get 1,2 or 3 stars.

- added an empty level with variable gravitation and some credits for testing and playgrounding.


- more correct accounting of the credits after paste or load of a construction.
- the cables are less heavy now.
- tooltip explanation to the effect of changing the thickness of cables and steel beams.

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