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This month our main update will feature 4 units from UAN's arsenal. The update contains 3 new units and a re-design of the Scorcher.

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UAN Scorcher

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Scorcher - Here is our redesign of the UAN Scorcher. For those of your who want to read the original lore, heres the link to that update: Read me!

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HAPC - The Heavy APC is the UAN’s heavy infantry transport. It has a winning combination of heavy armour, powerful engine, and a light MG for good measure. It is without a doubt the best way for UAN soldiers to move speedily around the battlefield to the required location. Of course, the HAPC design comes with fire-ports, so the infantry traveling inside can wreak merry hell on any enemy units that stray too close to the vehicle during transport.

UAN Marauder Buggy

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Marauder - The UAN Marauder Buggy was originally developed as a light scouting vehicle. The Marauder proved a great success in a number of difficult field tests, designed to gain info on the WEA forces. The UAN commanders were so fond of the design that they adapted it for battle by attaching a small missile launcher onto the back of the Marauder. This missile launcher is mounted onto a hard point; however, the choices this hard point presents are for the present, classified information.

UAN Sea Dragon
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Sea Dragon - The UAN sea dragon is a transport like no other. The UAN use it to transport large quantities of units around the map at speed. Indeed, the Sea Dragon is so large it can even transport a small amount of tanks and other light vehicles.

The Sea Dragon design is based on a hovercraft, so it has the unique advantage of being able to move across water. In addition, the Sea dragon is armed with a, napalm grenade launcher. This weapon deals heavy, flame-based damage to any enemy units unlucky enough to be in the Sea Dragon’s vicinity.

We hope you've enjoyed our newest update.
This is the EC team signing off.


Sweet! I like the really substantial look of these units.

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