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Major news are Zeller-H update, F.A.Q, new PAC gloves model, texture improvements and new screenshots album.

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'Project Remaster' team is happy to deliver another monthly update. Major news are Zeller-H update, F.A.Q (be sure to check it out), new PAC gloves model, texture improvements and new screenshots album.

Zeller-H overhaul

Zeller-H (aka ‘Advanced Sniper Rifle’) is an iconic BF2142 sniper rifle. Unique, high calibre rounds gives weapon an edge in armor penetration and ability to instantly kill any enemy soldier who is not wearing heavy armor without having to aim at his head. The bullet can also destroy various enemy equipment: medical and ammo hubs, all mine types, and even RDX. Updated Zeller-H sounds and animations by TUERIX make you feel like use truly powerful and deadly killing tool. And new Zeller-H retexture by Pe†eR-KuN complete overhauls weapon visuals.

Check out official F.A.Q.

F.A.Q is up. If you want to find out important information or ask something, be sure to take a look there first: You can leave comments and suggestions in F.A.Q comments section to help to improve mod!

4K album 02

Check out 4K screenshots album 02:

PAC fraction improvements

PAC fraction got some major updates as well. New gloves makes you wanna jump into PAC uniform more often! Gloves rigged by Wei wang (YAK43) and texture modified by TUERIX.

HD textures update

Major texture improvements continues. As well as fight between best visuals and performance. Multiple 1k-2K performance textures were added to mod what covers terrain and statics areas. Now in Verdun you’ll feel like walking on quite pretty grassy field and keep an eye on the ground details. Be aware of unnoticed enemy presence!

General updates:

  • Major texture improvements.
  • 3P animations fix for Morretti by TUERIX
  • Magnum TR mesh improvements and animations by TUERIX
  • Ares Predator V texture improvements by Sgt_Prof
  • Zeller-H improvements by TUERIX and Pe†eR-KuN

For more detailed content updates you can track official gun list:

That's it for now. Keep tracking our project, leave suggestions and ideas to make it even better. We are very excited to share every single update!


Guys i love your works!!! They are awesome 10/10 hahaha this is cool!!! I love you guys!!! Keep it up!!! ;) ;) ;)

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BF2142 never looked so cool, probably the best bf2142 mod I ever seen.

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Another excellent news update guys. Can't wait to get my hands on this!

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Jesus Christ this looks great.

But not multiplayer? Why?

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illicitSoul Author

Not for multiplayer because of crashing. It would work for few matches very well, but server would suffer from crashing from time to time what cannot be solved due to technical limitations of the engine.

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